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Want to be part of FC United?

FC United is different to the vast majority of other football clubs in England because it is owned by its members - a principle enshrined in its constitution @ and with the club’s 2007 General Meeting coming up on 20 March, now is a great time to become a member and have your say.

But why is it important that you become a member? How does it really benefit you? To answer these questions the most important thing to remember is that the club is owned by all of its members, equally. By becoming a member you have one share in the club - which cannot be bought or sold. You, the members, own FC United. The club cannot be taken over by anyone else.

One member, one vote
The ownership of a member’s share entitles you to one vote in how the club is run - to elect the board, pass resolutions and rule changes, and have a say in the future direction of the club.

As well as electing the board, members have so far set ticket prices, decided how much the membership will cost, voted on how often the team’s playing strip will change and whether it will carry a sponsor or not.

These are all big decisions at a football club and unlike the vast majority of clubs in the country, the people who are in charge of making these decisions at FC United are the members @ the supporters on the terraces, not the businessmen in the executive lounges and directors’ boxes. Why? Because as the famous T-shirt says it’s, ‘Our Club, Our Rules’.

The strength of the club as it develops will, to a large part, be dependent on the strength of its supporter and membership base. By becoming a member you become part of the football club - you own it, control it and belong to it.

The future
And it’s not just adults who are encouraged to get involved; we’re planning for the future too. Although you cannot have voting and ownership rights as an under-18, by being a member of the Junior Supporters Group you have the opportunity to become part of an extremely active section of supporters who the board listen to and work with.

Not for profit
One more thing to remember is that all money raised by FC United from membership fees is reinvested in the club, providing services for members and carrying out development work in the local community and beyond. No ‘fat cats’ or shareholders are getting your money, FC United is a not for profit organisation.

By contributing through an annual membership fee - just £10 for adults and £3 for juniors - you are contributing to the club and its future.

It’s easy to become a member and you can do it today by e-mailing membership@fc-utd.co.uk or by sending a cheque payable to FC United to: Membership, FCUM, 221 Ducie House, Ducie St, M1 2JW.

Come on, join your club.

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First Posted ~ 09:46 Tue 6 Mar 2007
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