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Castleton Gabriels at Radcliffe

Parking will be tricky - if you have a nominated driver I would try to get to the ground early and park on the Social Club Car Park. After some discussions the club will be open for beer and food before the game. The Bloke I met said they would open at 11am - seems a decent little club but it will be open on a first come, first served basis. Cheap beer and decent grub.

Note - the bar will also be open at half time for those who want a bevvie then as well (I’ll be there) BUT no beer to be taken back inside the ground to the seats/Terraces - please observe this for the good of the club, and have a polite word with anyone not aware that we can’t break this rule.

I would recommend parking up somewhere else and getting the Metro to Radcliffe again directions can be found on the club website. The route to the ground from the metro station has a good variety of Pubs at least 2 of which will be open from 11am.

The first you get to is the Lord Raglan - nice and tidy pub with good beer (Burtonwood for the real ale buffs).

After a couple in there you can wander another 100 yards or so to the Colliers - not too much info but if you are into a crawl no reason why you shouldn’t pop in for a scoop.

A bit further and on the corner is the Last Orders Inn - the landlord is well aware of our visit and is looking forward to Saturday! Seems a decent sort who is genuinely interested in FC United - he is opening at 11 and deserves a bit of custom!

You then can turn right up the hill (Ainsworth Rd/Lane) and just before turning left to the ground you find the Vic - a big pub painted in a light shade of blue - could be a good laugh! Alternatively instead of turning right you can carry on for a couple of hundred yards till you get to the Turf Inn - looks a real locals gaff, that usually means good down to earth prices and err colourful locals to have a chat with.

At the ground there is the Boros Social club - they deserve some custom because at the end of the day it’s putting money back into clubs like us (see comments above re drinking at half time).

Have a great day out, enjoy some beers and make sure FC United are known for all the right reasons!!

Till the next Time (Cheadle pub guide)



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First Posted ~ 15:41 Fri 16 Sep 2005
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