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For the first time in four years, the "Be the 12th man" competition will be running with tickets priced at only £5 each on sale till the end of March, with the draw being held on the pitch at Broadhurst on the 30th of March at our home game vs Nuneaton Borough.


The lucky winner will win a place in the FC United First team squad, travelling with the team to away games, taking part in the warm ups, attending training, and if you’re good enough, you can be selected to play!* The prize is open to both male and female entrants, though due to obvious reasons some aspects of the prize will have to be amended based on gender, and you don’t have to be a budding footballer, you can be any age and just take things at your own pace, you can do as much or as little as you like as you see first hand the inner workings of the club.

The winning ticket holder can transfer the prize to someone else, but there is no cash alternative as this is a money can’t buy prize - including but not limited to:

We caught up with previous 12th Man winner Ben ’Chudders’ Chudleigh to reminiscence about his time with the team as the lucky winner of this amazing prize:

So Ben, to sum up, what would you say to anyone who fancies entering the ’12th Man’ competition ?
Buy as many tickets as you can afford! Not only does it put some more money into the club it is one of the best experiences you may have in life! 
How were the players - did you have a good laugh or did they do things like get you to look through a telescope with boot polish on the eyepiece?
They were brilliant, very warm and welcoming.  I was cautious before it started that I’d either end up on the outside, ignored and quiet in the corner or I’d be in the middle getting kicked and abused but they treated me like any other player.  A bit of stick when I’ve deserved it and allowed me to join in the banter.  

What did you due during the pre-match team-talks?
While the manager did the vital pre-match team talks I’d go out on the pitch and misplace plenty of passes with the subs.  During my time I saw some victories, a draw and sadly a couple of defeats, different post match debriefings and atmospheres……but honesty from players and coaching staff of the performance and determination to improve.
Did your fitness improve much (obviously you were in good shape beforehand !)
My fitness has certainly improved, it was very poor before I started now it’s just poor.  The training sessions were based around improving communication, positioning and skills.  Obviously though what was easy for the players to do this for 2 hours during training was more tiring for me but, I didn’t give up and have improved my fitness and skill a lot during the time with them (although they might not agree)
You were with the team during the run in - did they demonstrate any affects of the pressure  to win?
The players know they are good enough to win every match, they know how big the run in, was to the club, the fans and themselves.  They want to win every game and show their emotions when they drop points because they know they are better than that.  I don’t believe they are succumbing to any pressure but have not been able to find the right ways to break teams down.
What happens in the changing room after a defeat - would you say that the players are as cheesed off as the fans?
No offence to the fans but I would say the players feel it just as much if not more than them.  They know they should have won, they are better than performance and/or result would suggest and they know they have let down the club, the fans and themselves.  It’s pretty much silent while the player run through any mistakes they’ve made or anything they know they could have done better.  There’s no disharmony or blaming each other they just know they can improve and want to go out and prove it.
Anything else you would like to add?
I’d like to say thank you to everyone for organising the event, whoever wins it is a lucky person get to experience the heart of this wonderful club, and a massive thanks to the players and staff who accepted me so warmly and included me in the last weeks of the season.  They made me feel more than welcome and this was one of the best experiences of my life, this club is very special and to be part of it as I have been has made me a very happy (and extremely lucky) man.

Prize details

-Registration as an FC United player on a one month trial from
1st to 30th April.
-Membership of the first team squad for this period.
-Participation at all training sessions throughout the trial.
-Travel and warm up with the team for all fixtures during the trial
-Be prepared, if ability dictates, to be available for team
-Named in the official squad in the match day programme.
-Receive a certificate after the trial period.
-Receive "The 12th Man" shirt signed by all the squad and staff.
-Will be eligible for the end of season awards.
-Receive a squad photograph on which you will be present.

In the words of Andy Griffiths, a previous winner: "Money just can’t buy that sort of experience. It was a privilege to witness the inner workings at FC United, I really was surprised and impressed at the level of effort required, and the commitment demonstrated by everyone behind the scenes."

Better still every penny raised goes toward the BP Boost Development Fund campaign, raising much needed funds for our club so buy as many tickets as you can afford, there’s no limit on the number of entries and you will increase your chances of winning this amazing prize.


*Due to league rules only males can be named in the matchday squad for competitive fixtures.

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