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Cider apple and pear collection finished - please don't bring any more

Many thanks to everyone who has brought us apples and pears to be made into windfall cider to raise money for the FC United Development Fund.

We can no longer accept any further donations as MossCider Project, who we have been working with, can’t make anymore cider. MossCider have had an unprecedented amount of donors in 2015 and reached their maximum a month earlier than last year. The reason being is that the tax-free threshold is only 7,000 litres and if they produce, for example, 7,001 litres, they pay tax on the lot. Many thanks for all the apples and pears delivered to the cider van which are now, having been scratted and pressed, fermenting away.

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First Posted ~ 12:14 Fri 30 Oct 2015
News ID ~ 6477
Last Updated ~ 12:14 Fri 30 Oct 2015