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Volunteers needed for Brackley match tomorrow

We need volunteers to help with tomorrow’s match. These are to ensure that we continue to improve our travel operation and meet our planning requirements.

1. Shuttle Buses
We are short of one person to act as a steward on the shuttle buses tomorrow. Please contact Vinny on vinnythompson@fc-utd.co.uk

2. Traffic Marshals
This is another plea for traffic marshals. We are (again) short of a number of volunteers for the Brackley game. This is for before the game and you won’t miss any of the match. It is essential that we have enough people to ensure the smooth operation of our travel plan. So please help if you can and contact brianslater@fc-utd.co.uk

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First Posted ~ 17:11 Fri 21 Aug 2015
News ID ~ 6337
Last Updated ~ 17:24 Sat 22 Aug 2015