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Use of irregular kit during today's match v Gloucester City

We would like to apologise to supporters for the use of an irregular kit by our goalkeeper Dave Carnell during today’s match against Gloucester City.

Prior to a match the usual procedure is for both clubs to liaise and exchange information about the kits each team will be wearing. We were initially led to believe that Gloucester’s keeper would be wearing a green top so our keeper would be ok to play in turquoise. Due to a mix up between the two sides, Gloucester’s keeper turned up in a blue top and as a result there was a colour clash and we did not have an alternative top available. Rather than asking the home keeper to change the match referee ordered our goalkeeper Dave Carnell to change his shirt and the only one we had available was a red Jako training top. The Jako warm up tops are a condition of the League. As we believed we were ok with the blue/turquoise we had brought, we did not bring a spare green one to the game.

It is regrettable that we played in this branded training top and not our usual FC United keeper’s jersey. We apoligise to supporters and in future we will ensure that we always have a spare top on the bench so that this does not happen again.

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First Posted ~ 20:29 Sat 8 Aug 2015
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Last Updated ~ 20:29 Sat 8 Aug 2015