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Stockport County tickets - Updated sales arrangements

Stockport County tickets - Updated sales arrangements

The following arrangements will apply for the future sale of tickets for the Stockport County match.

1. Season ticket holders already have a ticket for this game and can gain admission using Voucher Number 1 in their books. All season tickets will be dispatched from the office by the end of this week.

2. We have amended the arrangements for the sale of tickets to enable FC United members who have yet to renew their membership to obtain tickets. Any member who has yet to renew their membership from last year or previous years must do so by 12 noon on Thursday 6 August to be eligible to buy a ticket for this match. They will then be able to buy a ticket from 12noon on Friday 7 August. This delay will allow membership records to be updated to the ticketing system database.

3. To maintain the integrity of the segregation required for this fixture only those members joining or renewing membership by 12 noon this Thursday will be able to purchase tickets for the Stockport match.

4. Any new members with an SK postcode who have joined FC United since 30 June 2015 will be subject to additional checks by FC United officials prior to their ticket purchase being approved and dispatched.

5. Current members (joined by 5pm on 24 July 2015) who are not season ticket holders can continue to purchase tickets on a one ticket per membership basis.

6. As we cannot rely on delivery of tickets by post, postal delivery of tickets from our online ticket website at https://fc-utd-tickets.co.uk will cease at 3pm on Thursday. All sales after that time will be collection only from Broadhurst Park.

7. Members are encouraged to collect their tickets before the day of the match to ease queues and congestion on Tuesday evening. Tickets will be available for collection or sale to personal callers from Broadhurst Park during office hours (10am to 5pm) on Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th August this week. There will be no collection or sale on Saturday 8 August. The office will be open for collections and sales this Sunday 9 August from 12 noon until 5pm. The office will also open late next Monday 10 August until 8pm for the collection and sale of tickets. Tickets can also be collected during the day next Tuesday.

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First Posted ~ 13:50 Wed 5 Aug 2015
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