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FCUM Review - Chorley FA Cup programme

Budding junior reporter Chantal Adams collars currently-injured Adam Jones, to ask him all the pertinent questions of the day. For example, does he prefer Justin Beiber or One Direction? Find out in the programme on Saturday.

Jonesy also reveals his deep love for FC United and comes out with another belting quote. At this rate we may need to get him in as our motivational speaker at AGMs. Adam’s interview is part of a two-page FCUth section.

With it being People United Day, the club is helping to promote equality by being involved in Black History Month. Lynette Cawthra, from the Working Class Movement Library, has penned an excellent piece about the immensely historic Pan-African Congress of 1945, which took place in our fair city.

Furthermore, we have a cracking article from our main community man, with the name that strikes fear into bakers, Mr Robin Pye. He talks about our youth links with SV Babelsberg 03.

It is FA Cup day, so what better way to mark it with a (hopefully) regular delve into red cup runs of the past. The old Pirate casts his mind back to 1976 and THAT ’goal’.

Fiona Pelham talks about how we will make FC United sustainable for the future and how an influential international group has signed up as members of our club.

Added to this we have a really bad crank in Meet the Owners, the usual four-page visitors section, news, stats, match reports and great pictures from our ridiculously talented photographers.

Enjoy all this for the still-unchanged £2 cover price.

As usual please let us know what you think by email to: programme@fc-utd.co.uk If you would like to contribute with articles, pictures, birthday announcements, news or just comments, please get in touch via email.

We are always on the look out for people to take part in the Meet the Owners section, where we ask members a few questions to highlight how fans run our club. If you would like to take part or surprise someone else, then once again email us at: programme@fc-utd.co.uk.

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First Posted ~ 09:13 Fri 13 Sep 2013
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