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July Board Report

The latest Board meeting took place on Monday 22nd July at Hope Mill.

Before the meeting we had two guests.

First Margy gave the board an insight on the new changes regarding coaching staff, the new development squad and how the squad was shaping up for the new season. The various comings and goings of playing staff were noted as well as and the fact that we have a great squad of players for the coming season.

Second Ryan Williams, our new SLO (Supporter Liaison Officer) gave the board an insight into his new role within the club and his intentions of progressing this very interesting position into the future.

During the meeting we discussed the possibility of running a workshop for members to encourage a better understanding of the detail of our ground development. The timing of this would be dependent on progress towards a start date for the development. Dates for the next members meeting and the AGM were pencilled in as 15th Sept and 17th Nov respectively. This is always difficult with a busy fixture schedule, the uncertainty of cup draws and trying to be as accessible as possible to a diverse membership all coming into play.

We then discussed the number of on-going items regarding the ground that are delaying our start on site, including all the intricate negotiations, paperwork and final sign-offs required with all the parties involved.

This is a frustrating time for all of us but the hard work going into sorting all of this is phenomenal.

There are elements of this process that just can’t be rushed but as soon as everything is finalised the announcement we have all been awaiting will be made.

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