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Holiday Draw July Winner

The July Winner is Peter Thwaites who was also lucky enough to win in September 2011! Peter pockets the usual £1000 in holiday vouchers.

Well that’s randomness for you. Perhaps we should have got Peter in the dressing room before the play-off final - perhaps we will in the future!

The eagle-eyed amongst the membership will have realised that with all of last season’s postponements we are a draw short so far this year. Ten having taken place rather than Eleven as would be normal by July. So in August there will be two draws, one for the last £1000 prize and of course the Final draw of 2012/13 for £5,000 of holiday vouchers. If you didn’t notice, then your chances of a win have just doubled!

The £5k draw will take place at our first Saturday home game as has become traditional. This year this is the 24th August match against AFC Stamford.

Anyone interested in joining for the new Holiday draw year 2013/14 starting in September will need to fill out a Direct Debit form. The cost is £10 per month starting in September (any date is fine). We will make the forms available over the next two weeks once our new banking arrangements are fully in place.

Current Holiday Draw members need take no action.

The draw running since 2008 will have handed out 60 prizes over its first five years and represents fantastic value in comparison to lotteries and similar schemes most of which have increased the cost to participate or reduced the chances of winning over the same period. From the other point of view over £55k has been raised for the Development Fund making the draw a vital component of our journey to date. The 2013/14 year will be particularly important for fundraising as we start to build our ground so please look out for the announcement once the direct debit forms are available.

The draw is a very good way to widen our fundraising net as the prizes have universal appeal so why not forward this story to work colleagues, family members, friends who would not otherwise contribute and see if they are interested ?

Finally huge thanks to Lawrence Gill for his work in administering the draw this year.

The winners so far this year are:

John Paul O’Neill
Joanne Houghton
Luke Lockwood
Paul Owen
Peter Crossley
Christian Bateman
Lee Creahan
Stephanie Crean
Peter Thwaites

One Winner donated the monthly prize back to the club and requested anonymity.

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First Posted ~ 09:26 Tue 30 Jul 2013
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Last Updated ~ 13:18 Wed 21 Aug 2013