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Hoist up the Sloop John B

FC United has experienced a growing interest from across Europe about FC’s fan-owned rebellion, stretching back to a visit from a group of Torino fans getting in touch with FC fans through the ’Soul is One’ unofficial forum in 2007/8 and then travelling over for a freezing trip to Boston.

Rick Simpson explains how he got involved with FC’s growing overseas army:

’Enjoying the fun of opening a bottle or two in the main stand for the last 4 or 5 seasons as a volunteer I have met quite a few visitors eager to experience the FC effect and it has been an eye opener. Now after enjoying several meals and pub tours with two guys in particular Erik Kunert from Wittenberg,Germany and Linus Lind from Upsalla, Sweden the three of us have launched a blog aimed at spreading the ethos and passion that we all hold so dear.’


also on Facebook .... https://www.facebook.com/FCUnitedInternational
and Twitter.. @SloopJohnB_FCUM

This blog is your blog - Linus Lind explains the thinking behind the blog.

’We have created this blog with a few intentions in mind:
1) ’This blog is your blog’ - We want the blog to be interactive in the sense that it belongs to the whole FC fan community. You can register and post links to articles, videos or tell your own fan story, for instance how your journey to FC has been.

2) To organise a database for FC material - As the time goes by we want that our and your contributions will create a place where it’ll be easy to find lots of material that is otherwise posted on social media sites but not organised.

3) It’s international - This means that people from all over the world can post and find articles about FC United in their own language.

This also takes us to point 4:

4) Towards a better way - By spreading the word about FC United specifically and The ’Against Modern Football’ movement generally on an international arena we hope that this blog will help to inspire football fans a better football world.’

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First Posted ~ 10:15 Tue 2 Jul 2013
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