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Help Us Plan and Organise

Do you know anyone that has event organising or PR skills, or specialist contacts that can assist the club? Or is that person you?

FC United now organises a series of unique Matchday events linked to our strategy of reaching out to particular sections of the community. Each has the potential of becoming key fixtures in Manchester’s calendar of events. They include:
 Youth United Day
 A Woman’s Place is at the Match (mentioned in the House of Commons)
 Big Coat Day (mentioned on BBC North West News)
 People United Day
 The Minithon (shown on Channel M)

To plan, organise and develop these we are looking to establish separate committees. Meetings will not meet more than four times in a year and will focus on planning and monitoring. The committees will also be open to representatives of community organisations or workers that wish to be consultative partners in organising these events. Ideally we would also like each branch to send a representative to the annual initial planning meeting of each committee.

Anybody that wishes to volunteer for these committees should contact Communityevents@fc-utd.co.uk as soon as possible, so we can start planning for the coming season.

Events Calendar

Youth United Day April 2014
People United Day October 2013
Big Coat Day Boxing Day/New Year’s Day
Senior United Day August 2014
“Women’s Place is at the Match” Day March 2014
The Minithon & Sponsored Walk October 2013

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First Posted ~ 11:30 Fri 10 May 2013
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