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General Meeting 2013 - Full results

The 2013 FC United General Meeting was held at The Manchester College, Openshaw, Manchester on Sunday 28th April. The members heard presentations on the club’s operations and current financial position.

The board thanked all the volunteers who helped out on Sunday who contributed to the smooth running of the GM. The board would like to thank independent scrutineer Mark Riding.

Minutes of the meeting will shortly be available on the secure members’ area of the website.

Board Elections

There were three vacancies for the board and the votes cast were as follows:

John Nicholson 17%
Tom Stott 31%
Lawrence Gill 14%
Kate Ramsey 24%
Re-open Nominations (RON) 3%
Andrew Griffiths 7%
Martin Gottlieb 2%
Spoilt Ballots 1%

Congratulations to new board members John Nicholson, Tom Stott and Kate Ramsey.

Please note the percentages were worked out by the total amount of votes cast. The actual numbers of votes will be available in the minutes of the General Meeting.


The results of the resolutions are:

Resolution 1

Each and every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of FC United of Manchester, held in the autumn, the Board of FC United will propose to co-owners (in accordance with the established home and away kit rotation), whether or not they wish to have a new kit produced for the following season(s).

- If co-owners vote in favour of a new kit design at the AGM, the Board of FC United will then draw up a short list of FOUR kit designs. These designs will then be distributed with the advance notice information for the following spring’s General Meeting. Co-owners will then vote for their favourite design (by a voting system to be determined by co-owners), with the design with the most votes being put into production.

- If at the AGM co-owners vote against a new kit being introduced for the following season, the Board of FC United will then honour the wishes of the membership and will therefore NOT seek to introduce new playing attire until the following AGM.

For 73%
Against 25%
Spoilt 2%

Resolution 1 is passed.

Resolution 2

That the current election policy (see attached) be changed in line with Rule 61 a.

For 89%
Against 8%
Spoilt 2%

Resolution 2 is passed.

Members’ Vote

The results of the members’ votes are:

Members’ Vote 1

That the pay what you can afford season ticket scheme will continue for the 2013/14 season with a minimum £90 price for adults and concessions.

For 96%
Against 2%
Spoilt 2%

Members vote 1 is passed.

Members’ Vote 2

The admission prices for FC United of Manchester 2013/14 will remain at £8.00 adults, £5 Concessions and £2 Under 18s.

For 92%
Against 6%
Spoilt 2%

Members’ Vote 3

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting the membership voted in favour for a resolution that states “The club should launch a new home kit in time for the start of the season 2013-14”.

The Board have selected four shirts that are to be voted on at this General Meeting using the alternative voting system.

The Alternative Vote (AV) is a preferential system where the voter has the chance to rank the options in order of preference.

The voter puts a ’1’ by their first choice a ’2’ by their second choice, and so on, until they no longer wish to express any further preferences or run out of options.

Options are selected outright if they gain more than half of the first preference votes. If not, the options who lost (the one with least first preferences) is eliminated and their votes are redistributed according to the second (or next available) preference marked on the ballot paper. This process continues until one option has half of the votes and is selected.

After three rounds of voting the club can confirm that shirt B was selected to be the new home shirt for the next two seasons.

Due to the alternative voting system the percentages cannot be published on the official website. However the full results will be available in the minutes of the General Meeting.

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