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Worksop and Ashton fundraising round-up

Last Saturday at the Worksop game, the Pound for the Ground sellers went into overdrive and sold a season best 1,070 tickets to the happy Youth United Day crowd on another momentous day for our football club. The winning ticket was 1,190 and was claimed by a regular FC volunteer who gave £50 back to the barrels; that left a very healthy profit of £870 for the Development Fund.

At lunchtime, Tim from foreign climes, swapped £130 for 130 euros: A special exchange rate for the DF!!!!, which gave the barrels a healthy start. Then add in the £50 from the PFTG winner, another regular supporter weighed in with £41 of 1ps and 2ps in a tub, tot up all the loose change and it comes to £400 total.

Tuesdays game against Ashton saw the "buy two tickets and get one free" offer rear its ugly head. Everyone "bought" into the spirit and we sold 715 tickets, which was the best this season for a midweek match. The winning number was 0160 and was claimed at halftime by a co-owner from Knutsford. "We have to get this ground built sooner rather than later" he said, "so here’s £100 towards it". So another £100 into the barrels and £515 profit to the DF.

We added up all the contributions in the barrels, added the £100 from the PFTG and ker-ching - another £205 into the DF.

A big thanks to all who have contributed to the PFTG and the barrels and especialy to all the half-time draw winners who have donated all or part of their winnings. Only one home game left and we have raised a total of £17,448 via the PFTG and Xmas Draw this season, and are only a short head adrift of last years total. The barrels and bucket collections have amassed £7,592 in total so far this season - a magnificent effort by all concerned, especially in this testing financial climate.

We have nearly 100 Swiss franks (all in change) that we would like to swap for English currency, so if you know of anyone going to Switzerland in the near future then please get in touch with one of the team.

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First Posted ~ 22:10 Fri 26 Apr 2013
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Last Updated ~ 21:40 Mon 29 Apr 2013