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A double-barrelled report from Stalybridge and Gigg Lane

We have a double-barrelled report this week, totting up the totals from our last two home games, against Buxton and Blyth Spartans.

The Pound for the Ground winning number at the Buxton game, played at Stalybridge, was 519 and has not yet been claimed - so check your tickets and it could be you!!. On a bleak and very cold night we sold 345 tickets, so £145 went straight into the Development Fund.

Three barrels made the trip to Stalybridge and when emptied and counted there was a total of £125 in loose change contributions.

Moving on to the game at Gigg on Saturday, which was the only game played in our league and possibly the only non-league game for miles around, thanks to the magnificent efforts of our supporters, who turned up early doors to help clear the pitch. There were 735 tickets sold by our intrepid sales team who braved the elements and the winning number was 0283. The £200 was claimed at half time and the winner had a premonition that he was due to win, as he was only two numbers away from winning the draw at the North Ferriby game and said to his mate: "I’m going to win this soon". And guess what? He was so chuffed that he gave £100 back to the DF and into the barrels.

There is no pressure put on winners to give any money back to the football club. In fact, when people offer, we ask them to go away and think about it and come back if they are sure. The generosity of the winners would bring tears to a glass eye and many thanks again to all who have done so.

A good start to the barrel collection with the PFTG donation, and also some Chinese money was swapped into 60 US dollars, which was then swapped by FCUM stalwart Raymond Soloman into £60. When the loose change was totted up, the grand total was £215. You may have noticed that we only had two barrels out on the forecourt; the other three didnt make it back from Vegas - they were snowed in up in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors in Jim’s van. 12 euros and bag of old decimal coins completed the audit.

Great support as usual from everyone and let’s all keep the faith in this exciting conclusion to the season.

See you all at Kendal.

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First Posted ~ 15:49 Mon 25 Mar 2013
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Last Updated ~ 22:35 Thu 28 Mar 2013