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CYCM: Worksop nine 'til five...

This Saturday in Malcolmses we welcome The Last Party. Clint Boon has compared them to both The Stooges and The Supremes, so they’ll do for us. We’ve been trying to get them on for a while now so we’re dead happy they’re playing for us. Their debut single ’Bonnie & Clyde’ out on April 16th and they’ll be having a single launch party at Night & Day on April 14th with the after party at South so have a word if you want a ticket. They’re playing the Academy on Friday night so be gentle with them on Saturday and give them a warm courseyoucanmalcolmly hug. The video for Bonnie & Clyde can be seen here with other stuff available here

Other leccy details can be found here and on various facetwtittery sites.

Blaine’s guest beer this week is Impy Dark ABV 4.3%, again sourced from the brewery closest to our opponents today, Worksop Town. It’s described by Brampton Brewery of Chesterfield: "Packed to the gunwales with roasted coffee and chocolate aroma and flavours. Delicately hopped, Impy Dark is just how a mild should be". Just what you need on a Saturday afternoon.

We open at 12, close at 3, reopen at 3.40 then close at 4pm. Get yourself in early cos there’s nothing worse than being locked out of a lock in.

Members plus one guest; a lovely bit of Manchester at the wrong end of the tramline.

Fraternally yours

The Oddies

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First Posted ~ 16:32 Fri 23 Mar 2012
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Last Updated ~ 16:32 Fri 23 Mar 2012