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With MX Data agreeing to become our main sponsor and The Chauntry Corporation once again opting to be our Youth Team’s sponsor, the club is on the road to securing the finances for this exciting new season.

Other new sponsors are also lining up to put their shirt on FC for the new season. Chorlton Irish Club has agreed to be a sponsor of this year’s FC Minithon. So far, 27 organisations have committed to joining FC United’s 127 Club. We have some juicy matches awaiting sponsors, such as our first game against Rushall Olympic, the derby against Ashton and the tussle against fan-owned Chester.

Can your business or your business contacts assist us to secure new sponsors? If so, please send them our way by contacting sponsorship@fc-utd.co.uk or setting up meetings and presentations for club representatives to attend.

The sponsorship opportunities vary from our highly regarded work in the community, coaching, mentoring and running tournaments, to match-days and events like Youth United Day.

To date, additional sponsors for the new season include: ANSA Elevators, BCM, C21, Crompton Way Motors, Davies Consultancy, Delta Legal, Edge Worldwide Logistics, EKD Technical Services, FCUM Nordic Branch, Glaisyers Solicitors, HBB Group, John Manning, KitAid, Lichfield Leather, Matrix Software, McGarry Memorials, Mcr Projects, NMC Global, Phil Busby, Ray Vaughan, Reich Insurance Brokers, T Shirts United, The Chauntry Corporation, The Pennine Collection, This Creative, Transmission Creative, Waring & Co. Solicitors

Organisations cannot sponsor our shirt but they can sponsor the club, our matches, our players and our work on local estates at sponsorship.php. MX Data has shown the way. The company wants to be in the forefront of the best that is happening in football and the community. Let’s get other organisations to follow its fine example.

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First Posted ~ 17:59 Mon 25 Jul 2011
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Last Updated ~ 17:59 Mon 25 Jul 2011