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General Meeting Results

The FC United of Manchester 2011 General Meeting was held at The Central Methodist Hall on Thursday 7th April.

The members heard presentations on the ground development, the clubs finances and community work.

The board thanked supporters who had volunteered both on a matchday and in the office during the 2010/11 season.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out on Thursday and ensured the smooth running of the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting will shortly be available on the members’ secure area of the website.

The board would like to thank all the members who voted either at the meeting, by post or proxy.

The results of the Resolutions are:

Resolution 1

I would like to suggest a change to how the board are voted on by the membership. I think it is generally thought that the current 400 words are insufficient for such an important decision. I would like to propose that everyone planning to stand for a board position, both existing board members and prospective new board members, should have to answer a set of questions, provided by club members, and then selected by a group of members, either elected by the membership to select, or if time does not allow, selected by volunteering. This would give existing board members the chance to show what they have done during their tenure on the board, and what they intend to continue to do as well as allow prospective board members to “showcase” the skills they feel they can bring to the board.

By implementing this, members of the club will be able to find out directly how important issues will be handled by the board going forward.

For – 15%
Against – 79%
Abstain – 3%
Spoilt Ballot – 3%

Resolution 2

In future the election process will be as follows:
i) Candidates indicate they want to stand by the due date before an AGM.
ii) Candidates submit a 400 words statement
iii) An internet/Members’ area facility is established for people to post questions to candidates which they can respond to, if they wish
iv) The Board explore the possibilities for making provision for those not on the internet to access these questions and answers (to be determined)
v) There is a period of up to 2 hours at the AGM for people to ask questions of candidates in person
vi) The Board commits to explore ways in which those who cannot attend the AGM may be able to access this part of the proceedings and cast their vote online or by postal vote after hearing it.

For – 95%
Against – 3%
Abstain – 1%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

Resolution 3

The membership believe that changing kick off times from their traditional slots can be inconvenient to fans and detrimental to the match-day atmosphere. The membership instruct the Board to take this and the following guiding principles into account when deciding whether to accept an invitation to move a game to be shown on TV:
1. The time of kick off proposed
2. The travelling times involved for the fans (FC fans for away matches, Opposition fans for home matches)
3. The impact of a no decision on the other club
4. The benefits to our club to be derived from this exposure
5. The impact of any additional money in helping the club achieve its aims.
The outcome of such discussion should be recorded and made available to the club’s membership

For – 92%
Against – 5%
Abstain – 2%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

The results of the Members Votes are:

Members Vote 1

That the club introduce a new home playing kit, to be used from the beginning of the 2011/12 season.

For – 92%
Against – 7%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

Members Vote 2

The admission prices for FC United of Manchester 2011/12 will remain at £8.00 adults, £5 Concessions and £2 Under 18s

For – 97%
Against – 2%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

Members Vote 3

That the pay what you can afford season ticket scheme will continue for the 2011/12 season with a minimum £90 price for adults and concessions.

For – 97%
Against – 2%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

Members Vote 4

That Membership will remain at £12 for an adult and £3 for under 16s for the 2011/12 season.

For – 98%
Against – 1%
Spoilt Ballot – 1%

Shirt Vote:

Voting for the new home shirt for the 2011/12 season was closed on Monday 4th April.

We can confirm that due to the results of Members’ Vote 1 a new home shirt will be on sale for the coming season.

It was a close call between number 1 and number 4 but we can confirm that shirt number 4 was the winner.

Details of pre orders will be announced shortly.

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