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New players over the summer

As announced on Tuesday, Stuart Rudd has agreed to sign a contract with FC United for next season. However, there will be more new faces coming and going over the pre-season; allow us to explain.

At our level most players are non-contract, this means that they are registered to play for the club but not contracted to do so. They are entitled to leave for another club at any point, and similarly FC have no legal obligation to keep them at the club. Last season, six players were contracted to FC United (Jozz Mitten, Dave Chadwick, Steve Torpey, Rob Nugent, Josh Howard and Simon Carden.)

Over the summer, new players will be invited to train with us in pre-season; they are not signings as such and, even though they may register with FC United, they are not technically FC United players until Karl names his squad for the season. We understand that supporters wish to be kept up to date with news of these players, but at the same time we cannot make an announcement each time a new player comes to training.

Pre-season training begins on June 29th, shortly before this point we will provide a list of all players who have been asked to attend (including the current squad, however if anyone leaves in the meantime this will be announced separately.) If any more players are then asked to attend, this will be reported weekly until pre-season is finished, at which point we will have the full squad list for the start of the season.

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First Posted ~ 16:31 Thu 25 May 2006
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Last Updated ~ 16:31 Thu 25 May 2006