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1 March 2010 is another landmark date for FCUM Radio. Since our drive in February on the website for new volunteers, we can now boast an impressive 10 shows playing per day on FCUM Radio covering the club’s current events and a huge collection of music tastes.

This Club Is My Club has moved from strength to strength. It now boasts a good stream of news coming in from fans and club representatives, the highlights from the previous weekend and all other club announcements. Recent news items have covered the FC Juniors, the pending General Meeting, FC Poker and Quiz nights and much more. We present the FCUM.TV highlights from the previous week’s game(s) and any post-match interviews that Roy Williamson has managed to get, in addition to our own interviews with club officials like 12th Man Andy Griffiths. We also have foreign correspondent Teddy Barrett sending updates from Hamburg as we follow St Pauli to the end of the season in their search for promotion ahead of our friendly with them in May.

We have nine music and entertainment radio programmes, each playing for an hour, repeated through the week. Full details are below. The shows cover a great mix of punk, blues, reggae, jazz, funk, soul, indie, electronica, rock n roll and so much more. The volunteers hosting these shows are growing in confidence and the listener feedback they have been receiving directly, and that which we have taken via the forum and to the email address has been greatly appreciated.

This week we are also thrilled to bring you the FCUM Radio coverage of the Beyond The Debt Supporters Rally from Saturday 27 February 2010. It plays at 3pm each day.

FCUM Radio is moving from strength to strength but without the dedication, support and contributions of the station’s worldwide volunteers, the fans and FC officials, any future progress would be damaged. In addition to the service provided by the matchday team, we’re seeing figures of over 1,000 listeners per month and considering this new schedule has only been up and running for six weeks, that’s an excellent response. Thank you for listening.

If you want to produce your own show for the schedule, get involved with FCUM Radio, provide details of a news story or if you have any other general queries, please contact us at station@fcumradio.co.uk.

You can listen to FCUM Radio by clicking on the following links:

iTunes: www.fcum.tv/listen.pls
Windows Media Player: www.fcum.tv/listen.asx

07:00 Folk In The Morning
08:00 Shindig Breakfast
09:00 This Club Is My Club
10:00 Anarchy Selection
11:00 Shindig Breakfast
12:00 This Club Is My Club
13:00 Dadrock & Dance
14:00 Red Rebel Radio
15:00 Beyond The Debt Supporters Rally
17:00 This Club Is My Club
18:00 The Funktion Room
19:00 Northern Lights
20:00 The Roost
21:00 The Michael Ward Hour
22:00 Matt Nickson
23:00 The Cellar Tapes Mod Edition
00:00 The Good Blues
01:00 Close


Tune in this week on FCUM Radio, Radio for FC United of Manchester to hear a brand new schedule, launching on 1 March 2010. The new schedule consists of three new shows from new FCUM Radio volunteers Matt Nickson, Martin Abrams and Swampy & Pace. Full details follow below.

Also this week, we are happy to announce that every day at 3pm this week, there’ll be a chance to hear FCUM Radio’s live coverage of the Beyond The Debt Supporters Rally from last weekend. The rally was a roaring success with several guest speakers and representatives of clubs throughout Europe attending the event at Bury Social Club, as everyone demonstrated their enthusiasm to be a part of the future of football in this country. For anyone unlucky enough to have not been able to make the rally, the coverage lasts an hour and a half and is well worth a listen.

On behalf of everyone involved with FCUM Radio - we hope you enjoy listening to these new programmes as much as we’ve enjoyed getting them to air, and while we’re on about it thanks to Martin, Matt, Swampy, Pace and all the other presenters, volunteers and contributors to FCUM Radio for making this station such a success. Also - thanks to everyone for listening - get in touch with us for your feedback, questions, requests or FCUM stories at station@fcumradio.co.uk.

You can listen to FCUM Radio by clicking on the following links:

iTunes: www.fcum.tv/listen.pls
Windows Media Player: www.fcum.tv/listen.asx


The New Shows

Co-Founder of Manchester’s famous venue Matt & Phred’s Matt Nickson presents an hour of quality jazz and we are proud to have him on board. Listen every night at 10pm for the jazz you always dreamed existed.

The Funktion Room, presented by Martin Abrams, is FCUM Radio’s first soul and funk show, but Martin doesn’t let his tastes limit themselves there. Martin plays from a collection of records built up of over 5 years as a DJ, and more as a music fan. Join him at 6pm each evening for features ’Go Funk Yourself’, ’Noises From Next Door’ and ’This Dub Is My Dub’.

And finally - new contenders for the Smashie & Nicey FCUM Radio award, for irrelevant but interesting chat, Red Rebel Radio joins the afternoon brigade on the schedule recorded via satellite in a shed. Swampy & Pace present a variety of music to break up the off-topic banter. But then, what is the topic? In their first weekly show for FCUM Radio, Swampy & Pace discuss the ’definitive guide to making a good radio show’, produced by FCUM Radio and they discuss next week’s features.



This Club Is My Club (09:00, 12:00, 17:00)
In TCIMC this week we’ll be hearing news on the the upcoming General Meeting and the quiz night. We bring you highlights of the weekend’s match against North Ferriby United, as well as other news and views from your club.

To send us a news story for TCIMC email station@fcumradio.co.uk.

The Shindig Breakfast (08:00 & 11:00)
Listen for the Shindig Pick Of The Week, Shindig Song For The Ladies and our Shindig Unsigned Band of the Week. benandmarv@fcumradio.co.uk

Dadrock & Dance with Rockin’ John Cron (13:00)
Following regular slots on Radio Caroline and manchesterismusic.co.uk, FCUM Radio now host Rockin’ John Cron’. RJC will be playing classic rock n roll and plenty of foot tapping favourites. rjc@fcumradio.co.uk

Red Rebel Radio (14:00)
You get two kinds of shows on radio stations. Music Speciality shows, and the other kind. This is one of the latter, but you’ll love it.

Beyond The Debt Supporters Rally (R) (15:00 - 16:30)
Another chance to hear the FCUM Radio coverage from last weekend’s Beyond The Debt Supporters Rally.

The Funktion Room (18:00)
Martin Abrams brings you an hour of quality funk and soul from across the decades. Features include The Noises From Next Door, Go Funk Yourself and This Dub is My Dub

Northern Lights (19:00)
Steven Wood plays Northern favourites in addition to some recent rarities and fantastic finds. Listen again for You Never Hear It On The Radio and Undercover. northernlights@fcumradio.co.uk

The Roost with Stuart James (20:00)
>From Charlie Patton to The White Stripes and everything between. Stuart features a label of the week and bestows the Ruler of The Roost award to his favourite artist from that label. theroost@fcumradio.co.uk

Michael Ward (21:00)
Michael features an Album Of The Week and a Turn It Up To Eleven track of the week. Tune in for modern gems and folk & electronica from across the globe. michaelward@fcumradio.co.uk

Matt Nickson (22:00)
Matt presents his immense encyclopaedic knowledge for Jazz to FCUM Radio, bringing an hour of quality jazzy goodness to your evenings.

The Cellar Tapes Mod Edition (23:00)
With a wealth of experience already under his belt, The Mancunian Candidate (Ben Hughes), brings a branch of The Cellar Tapes into FCUM Radio’s schedule. In this edition, Ben plays a whole host of Mod treats.


Do you ...
Fancy yourself as a DJ or a Presenter?
Have your own ideas for a show, music based or not?
Don’t quite know where to begin?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. We are open to ideas and can provide training and support to get you up and running.

Get in touch at Station@fcumradio.co.uk All ideas are genuinely welcome and we can help you get your ideas off the ground, and join the team of volunteers here at FCUM Radio.

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