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Please give this your urgent attention.

According to Medequip4kids, the following donations have been received by them from the efforts of our supporters. We are already aware of some discrepancies - and some supporters have still to send in or collect their offline donations. If you are still to pay in please do so asap as we need to close the books asap.

Please contact the office or Medequip4kids asap if you spot discrepancies.

Thanks again to all supporters for their efforts.

NameJustgiving DonationsNameOther Donations
Mike Adams£55.00Mike Adams85.00
Stuart Allely£65.00  
Hicham Anfoussi£83.90  
Sam Ashton£30.00  
Sarah Atter£37.81  
Paul Birch£209.82  
Jo Bird£29.00  
Mike Birtwistle£200.00  
Gary Broadbent£35.00Gary Broadbent45.00
Adam Brown£200.00  
Michael Burtonwood£203.30  
Paul Capper£97.82  
Ben Cohen£325.66  
Peter Cranmer£20.00  
Pete Crowther£208.54Peter E Crowther120.00
Nick Duckett£132.00  
John England£165.00  
Paul Farrell£462.76  
Scott Fletcher£2.00  
Micheal Fosbrook£64.20  
Gail Frampton£88.00  
Phil Frampton£62.00  
Mark Freeley£80.00Mark Freeley5.00
David French£178.56  
Lawrence Gill£155.00  
John Hunt£188.20  
Kevin Hunt£60.00  
Scott Jones£79.48Scott Jones20.00
Johnathan Kendal£128.26  
Geoff Keys£107.00  
Anthony Leahy£59.50  
John Manning£113.26John Manning£60.00
Helen Marginson£15.00  
Joseph Marginson£15.00  
Andrew Martin£128.78  
Thomas Mceldowney£20.00  
Mark McKenzie£65.00  
Martin Morris£195.00  
Edward Noone£101.99Edward Noone10.00
Guy Potter£122.74  
John Poyser£65.00  
Andrew Prolze£35.00  
Robin Pye£134.16  
Dave Reynolds£50.00  
Adrian Roebuck£94.02  
Lucy Rolfe£30.00  
Daniel Selvidge£250.00  
Jacques Sharkey£86.00  
Phil Sheeran£130.00  
Michael Sherrard£99.27  
David Simpson£40.00  
Margaret Soule£140.00  
Roy Soule£95.00  
Jules Spencer£95.00  
Tom Stott£80.00Tom Stott45.00
Anthony Tarpey£159.87  
Neil Thompson£97.14  
Adam Tong£60.00  
Graham Voaden£99.27  
Andrew Walsh£113.11  
Alison Watt£203.72  
Chloe Williams£57.50  
Sam Williams£58.16  
Steven Wood£285.13  
  Andrew Cooper60.00
  Nicholas Criddle15.00
  Timothy Criddle15.00
  Steve Evets100.00
  F C United125.20
  Karen Fullen37.00
  Rob Fullen229.00
  Samuel Fullen22.00
  Victoria Fullen21.00
  Lynda Ginty45.00
  Roxine Jenkins25.00
  Alex Jones36.00
  Maria Mallen105.00
  Carl Marshall110.00
  Robert Newton103.50
  Martin O`Dowd25.00
  Brian Pendlebury50.00
  Andrew Prolze46.00
  Mark Sheldon100.00
  Christopher Small25.00
  Kevin Taylor68.00

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