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See How They Ran - Photos and TV Footage

Channel M have done the club a service by recording video footage of the Minithon, which you can view and send to all those who you think should be interested in FC and its activities.


and those damaging photos are at





Our Toro challengers have also sent us pictures of their run In the foothills of the Italian Alps


Minithon reaches £10,000

£10,000 has been received so far in sponsorship donations. This figure reflects just donations via justgiving.com so we expect much more to come in from those who have not solely used the justgiving website to collect sponsorship for the club and Medequip4kids.

Meanwhile Mancunian in southern exile, Tony Tarpey (£410) remains in the lead in the Minithon Justgiving Sponsorship Stakes, but the field is bunching up behind him. Young Michael Burtonwood (£365) is a few lengths behind and ready to pounce with Steven Woods (£351), Callum Morris (£330) and Ben Cohen (£330) just behind him.. There’s still time to right this injustice of a ’southerner’ crossing the line first - move any of your favourites up the leaderboard or get onto it. Just click on the links below of those you wish to back.

Sponsorship Stakes Leaderboard

1. Anthony Tarpey £410
2. Michael Burtonwood £365
3. Steven Wood £351
4. Callum Morris £330
Ben Cohen £330
Adam Brown £300
David French £298
Andy Walsh £235
Alison Watt £212
Peter Crowther £210
Mike Birtwistle £200
Nick Duckett £200
John Hunt £190
Mark Sheldon £185
Simba and Faz £180
Paul Birch £172
John Manning £165
Dave Reynolds £160
Lawrence Gill £155
Margaret Soule £140
Robin Pye £140
Edward Noone £140
Andrew Martin £131
Phil Sheeran £130
Jonathan Kendal £130
Tommy Stott £115
Jules Spencer £112
FC Marshals £110
Andy Prolze £106
Neil Thompson £103
Scott Jones £100
Graham Voaden £100

Still meaning to sponsor someone, but not got round to it yet?

Well, have your credit card ready and then click on the appropriate link below:

Karl Marginson http://www.justgiving.com/KarlMarginson09/
Helen Marginson http://www.justgiving.com/HelenMarginson/
Joe Marginson http://www.justgiving.com/JosephMarginson/
Owen Marginson http://www.justgiving.com/OwenMarginson/
Jerome Wright http://www.justgiving.com/JeromeWright09/
Sam Ashton http://www.justgiving.com/SamAshton09/
Simon Garner http://www.justgiving.com/SimonGarner09/
Margaret Soule http://www.justgiving.com/Margaret-Soule/
Roy Soule http://www.justgiving.com/Roy-Soule/
John Hunt http://www.justgiving.com/John-Hunt/
Simon Carden http://www.justgiving.com/SimonCarden09/
Adam Carden http://www.justgiving.com/AdamCarden/
Adam Tong http://www.justgiving.com/AdamTong/
Nick Swirad http://www.justgiving.com/NickSwirad/
Danny Williams http://www.justgiving.com/DannyWilliams09/
Phil Marsh http://www.justgiving.com/PhilMarsh09/
Carlos Roca http://www.justgiving.com/carlosrocca/
Ben Deegan http://www.justgiving.com/BenDeegan/
John Manning http://www.justgiving.com/John-Manning/
Jacques Sharkey http://www.justgiving.com/Jacques-Sharkey/
Mike Burtonwood http://www.justgiving.com/Mike-Burtonwood/
Adam Brown http://www.justgiving.com/AdamBrown123/
Dave Reynolds http://www.justgiving.com/Dave-Reynolds/
Sarah Atter http://www.justgiving.com/sarahatter/
Andrew Martin http://www.justgiving.com/andrew-martin1/
Mike Adams http://www.justgiving.com/Mike-Adams0/
Neil Thompson http://www.justgiving.com/Neil-Thompson0/
Alex Jones http://www.justgiving.com/Alex-JonesFCUM/
Kevin Hunt http://www.justgiving.com/mostonian/
Steven Wood http://www.justgiving.com/Steven-Wood1/
FC Minithon’s hard working Marshallshttp://www.justgiving.com/MinithonMarshalls/
Jules Spencer http://www.justgiving.com/Jules-Spencer/
Scott Fletcher http://www.justgiving.com/scott-fletcher/
Maria Mallen
Andy Walsh http://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Walsh/
Chloe Williams
Hicham Anfoussi http://www.justgiving.com/Hicham-Anfoussi/
Triple D Team - Faz, Lil, Faz and Simba http://www.justgiving.com/FC05FAZ/
Iguana Bar Champion Guy Potter http://www.justgiving.com/Guy-Potter/
Robin Pye http://www.justgiving.com/Robin-Pye/
Mike Birtwistle http://www.justgiving.com/mikebirty/
Chloe Williams http://www.justgiving.com/Chloe-Williams0/
Martin and Callum Morris http://www.justgiving.com/martin-and-callum-morris/
Gary Broadbent http://www.justgiving.com/martin-and-callum-morris/
Ian Connolly
Jo Bird for Co-operatives North West http://www.justgiving.com/JoBird99/
Peter Crowther http://www.justgiving.com/Pete-Crowther/
John England http://www.justgiving.com/John-England/
Micheal Fosbrook http://www.justgiving.com/mik-fosbrook/
John McHugh
Jimmy Newton
L Whittaker
Brian Pendlebury
Lawrence Gill
Sam Gill
Greg Broadbent
Joe Spencer http://www.justgiving.com/julesandjoe/
Matthew Humphreys http://www.justgiving.com/julesandmatt/
Claire Humphreys http://www.justgiving.com/julesandclaire/
Mark Freeley http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Freeley-Minithon/
Joe and Thomas McEldowney http://www.justgiving.com/thomas-mceldowney/
David French http://www.justgiving.com/david-french0/
FC Supporters team http://www.justgiving.com/FC-United-of-Manchester-iSFC0/
Mark Sheldon http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Sheldon/
Rob Fullen
Victoria Fullen
Karen Fullen
Samuel fullen
Lynda Ginty
Gary Greenwood
Barbara Keeley MP
Colin Huggett
Carl Marshall
Iain Massingham
Robert Newton
Andrew Prolze http://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Prolze/
Mark Spall
Tessa Connolly
Peter Cranmer http://www.justgiving.com/Peter-Cranmer/
The Twig http://www.justgiving.com/twitter-runner/
Looking for Eric’s Steve Evets http://www.justgiving.com/steveevets/
Tom Stott http://www.justgiving.com/Tom-Stott
Lawrence & Sam Gill http://www.justgiving.com/Lawrence-Gill/
Ben Cohen http://www.justgiving.com/Ben-Cohen/
Gail Frampton http://www.justgiving.com/gail-frampton/
Sidonie Frampton http://www.justgiving.com/sidonie-frampton/
Phil Sheeran http://www.justgiving.com/Phil-Sheeran/
John Poyser http://www.justgiving.com/JOHNPOYSER/

David Simpson http://www.justgiving.com/David-Simpson/
Lucy Rolfe http://www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Rolfe/
Mark Mckenzie http://www.justgiving.com/MarkMckenzie/

Southern FC Minithon

Edward Noone http://www.justgiving.com/edward-noone/
Alison Watt http://www.justgiving.com/AWatt/
Jonathan Kendal http://www.justgiving.com/Jonathan-kendal/
Anthony Leahy http://www.justgiving.com/AnthonyLeahy09/
Scott Jones http://www.justgiving.com/Scott-Jones/
Nick Duckett http://www.justgiving.com/nick-duckett/
Tony Tarpey http://www.justgiving.com/Tony-Tarpey/
Sam Williams http://www.justgiving.com/samwilliams1/
Geoff Keys http://www.justgiving.com/Geoff-Keys/
Ross Keys http://www.justgiving.com/AWatt/
Beth Keys http://www.justgiving.com/AWatt/
Graham Voaden http://www.justgiving.com/Graham-Voaden/
Matthew Cohen
Ben Cohen - http://www.justgiving.com/Ben-Cohen/
Matt Williams

Bondi Minithon

Paul Birch’s Bondi Minithon http://www.justgiving.com/Paul-Birch0/
Paul Capper http://www.justgiving.com/capper/

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