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News sponsors are lining up to put their shirt on FC.

Co-operatives uk , the umbrella organisation for co-operatives, which declared our club the 2009 Co-operative Excellence Award winners, will sponsor our first match of the season against Boston. The Co-operative group have also recently agreed to grant FC £8,000 for two of our community work projects.

In addition, Ethical Performance Clothing, Crompton Way Motors, Northern Autos and Salford Business School have joined FC’s 127 Club for the first time, whilst Under the Boardwalk and Cable Systems have also committed to sponsorship.

You can help us.

In order to keep our club successful we need sufficient contacts and sponsorship from within the vast world of work.

As we push towards a stadium of our own we want our fans to assist the sponsorship and community teams by recommending other organisations that may be interested in sponsoring FC United. Send them our way by contacting sponsorship@fc-utd.co.uk or setting up meetings and presentations for club representatives to attend. The sponsorship opportunities vary from our highly regarded work in the community, coaching, mentoring and running tournaments, to match-days and events like Youth United Day.

To date, sponsors for the new season include:

- Co-operatives uk
- Chauntry
- ANS Group
- Churchill Foods
- Thwaites
- Heathcotes
- Salford Business School
- C21
- Chandler Harris
- HBB Group
- Waring & Co
- Heavey Motors
- Orwelco
- northerncare
- Northern Autos
- Crompton Way Motors
- Ethical performance Clothing
- Lichfield Leather
- Heywood Accounting
- Davies Consultancy
- Matrix Software
- Delta Legal
- Glaisyers Solicitors
- A J Edge Ltd
- Easi Trading
- e-reward
- T Shirts United
- Exportaid
- Kitaid
- The PB Army
- FCUM New Zealand
- John Murphy

Organisations cannot sponsor our shirt but they can sponsor the club, our matches, our players and our work in local communities. They can join our 127 club or advertise in our programme and at the pitch-side. If a business wants to be in the forefront of the best that is happening in football and the community then tell them to put their shirt on FC United.

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First Posted ~ 12:27 Fri 7 Aug 2009
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