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Bucheon FC 1995 expect 20,000 at Korean Friendly v FC United

We are finally able to confirm Bucheon FC 1995 as the team we are playing in Korea Republic (South Korea) on Saturday 18 July.
Bucheon FC 1995 have announced the game formally and sent us the links (see below) but unfortunately they are all in Korean and Babelfish can only do so much. What is clear is that this is a big game for them and they have told us they are expecting a crowd of up to 20,000!

There certainly seems to be a lot of anticipation among their supporters and a translation of their fans site at http://www.bucheonfc.net/ appears to say:
"World Football Game Dream Match 2009 - Bucheon’s first wish will finally come true. Spectators in the stadium filled with a similar story with us and with a foreign football team to play. July 18 our hope is real."

This is an amazing opportunity for FC United and we’re honoured to be able to feature in a game against a fans-owned club with similar founding principles to our own. Bucheon FC 1995 were formed in 2007 when their club Bucheon SK was taken over, moved to an island off the south coast and had their name changed to Jeju United. Not surprisingly, with a story like that, Bucheon FC 1995 have forged a friendship with AFC Wimbledon and it’s through that link we received this invitation.

We know that not many people will be able to travel to Korea to see this game, which is why we ran a competition for a club member to travel with the team (details here ). We’ll try to keep you in touch with the trip via this site and we hope everyone will share the pride the team feels at being invited to play in such a prestigious international friendly.

Links in Korean
Match promotion site
Media sites here, here, here and here

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First Posted ~ 14:16 Wed 1 Jul 2009
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Last Updated ~ 14:16 Wed 1 Jul 2009