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Information FOR supporters re: upcoming MATCH AT Altrincham.


Admission will be by pay ON the gate. There will be 6 turnstiles FOR paying adults, AND 3 concessionary turnstiles. Please note that BOTH Under 18s AND Over 60s enter through the same concessionary turnstiles.

There ARE three turnstiles ON Golf Road, two FOR adults AND one concession.

There ARE two turnstiles ON Moss Lane behind the Main Stand. One will be FOR adults, the other FOR concessions.

There ARE a further four turnstiles ON the corner OF the Main Stand ON Moss Lane. Three ARE FOR adults, one FOR concessions.

Season ticket holders may enter through ANY turnstile.

The disabled entrance IS through the gate NEXT TO the central Main Stand turnstiles.

Turnstiles will OPEN AT 1.30pm. You will be able TO walk around the ground; the turnstile that you enter through does NOT determine which SECTION OF the ground you watch the game FROM.

Below IS a plan OF the ground, along WITH turnstile points.

The Bar

The bar will be OPEN pre-MATCH. Please note it has a strict capacity OF 180, there ARE plenty OF pubs IN the vicinity OF the ground. The bar will NOT be OPEN AT half TIME OR after the game.

Kick off

Kick off IS AT 3pm. There ARE ONLY 9 turnstiles, please assist us by arriving AT the ground early: IF everybody turns up AT 2.50pm THEN SOME will miss the start OF the game.

Car Parking

There ARE limited spaces AT the ground. WHILE spaces LAST, it will be £3 TO park AT the ground. Parking around the ground IS difficult, AND traffic wardens ARE known TO be particularly vigilant ON matchdays. The best bet IS TO park IN the centre OF Altrincham AND THEN walk TO the ground.

Our hosts

Please remember that ALL Altrincham staff ARE volunteers, helping out their club. They ARE also ALL looking forward TO what IS a big DAY FOR them. Please treat them WITH respect AT ALL times, making sure that the good NAME that we have made FOR ourselves AS FC United supporters IS upheld.


You ARE allowed TO smoke IN the ground. However it IS absolutely prohibited TO smoke IN the Main Stand. This IS a safety issue AS the stand IS made OF wood. IF you ARE IN the Main Stand, please walk down TO the terraces IF you wish TO smoke.

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First Posted ~ 15:01 Thu 23 Feb 2006
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