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Bring a car or a bus full of kids along to Youth United day

The volunteers have been working hard with community groups, we are now looking good to reach the target of 500 kids from youth groups for Youth United Day

We are now calling on all supporters to bring a car full of kids for the day, bring your own, bring you neighbours, bring the family ! If you don’t drive to the game just bring them on the bus or the met, in fact why not fill a bus ! - you get the idea. Lets make it a great day for those little ones and let them experience live football at 3.00pm on a Saturday, the way it should be.

Remember its free entrance for all U18’s

We will also be arranging for a souvenir of the day to be given to the first 1000 kids through the turnstiles.

The poster for the day can be downloaded here


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First Posted ~ 22:54 Sun 2 Mar 2008
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Last Updated ~ 17:14 Fri 11 Oct 2013