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CYCM - Poet and a Band

CYCM. That Maharishi bloke who the Beatles liked, who died the other week, has a commune in Skelmersdale"¦

Just before FC United of Manchester play Skelmersdale this weekend, Course You Can Malcolm have a poet and a band on. We was going to have Adam Brown from the board do his General Meeting talk on the importance of the Development Fund to getting our own ground but he’s had his appendix out and can’t do it. The big mardy. He had it/them? out about a fortnight ago and he’s still malingering.

Posh people are always cracking on that they get much poorlier then we do. We used to have our appendix out with a wire brush and an angle grinder, getting Anita Dobson’s newtons biting the last stitch-end off. They’d have you back in work that afternoon. Not with Adam ’IgointheHilaryStepyouknow’ Brown. He also gets migraine because it’s got a French name rather than his head just being banging. He’s going to be doing his talk now at Malcolmses at the home game on the 1st of March when he’ll be on before the band. Which will be Orphan Boy.


So as a replacement this Saturday for the man who won’t increase his surgery hours we’ve got a Mancunian poet doing an eleven minute set. He’s called Mike Garry. We first saw Mike in a pub in town. A few Oddies, getting back from the postponed game at Harrogate, had gone to see another artist but as we were leaving Mike came on and did a poem about the Babes. We stayed and were impressed with the rest of his performance. So much so that we invited him to Malcolmses.

With the February the sixth game being postponed we are inviting him to do his poem ’sixty seconds of silence’ this weekend. Some of the words go:

’That boys in their prime perished that night

And the very heart of the city stopped beating

Manchester flowers

Scattered across a foreign field of powder white snow.

News hissed through

Like the gas on a cooker whose flame had blown out

Freckled faced paperboys on Peter Street and Piccadilly

Cried louder than they had ever cried before

Sons were lost

Mothers sisters and wives deep sighed

Dads and brothers died inside’

He does one called Gorton Girls which is apparently very good but we’ll have to see. We’ll have to make sure the south ’I call my mam, mum’ Manchester in him is not too disparaging of our east Manchester belles. His Tony Wilson appreciation poem was also well received.

On the down side his hair is proper Robbie Savage length. He’s also well known to Duff who recognises and appreciates the Manchester poet in him. Duff told me not to mention that Mr Garry came second to Duff in the Mancunian poet thing a year or two back. Oh no, sorry, Duff told me to mention it. And if possible keep mentioning it. However, this article refuses to call him Mike ’second prize’ Garry as all Reds will agree it is no shame coming second to Duff. Unless it’s in a ’tin ribbier than Mike Duff’ competition. Mr Garry has a website called www.cheersta.co.uk and a book called Manchester meanders. Football and poetry, poetry and football. Poetic football. And barbers.

As always, all our turns are performing for free. When I asked Mike Garry would he play Malcolmses he said course he would and that he would get the bus into town, get the tram out and then walk it to the ground. That was appreciated. He’s also regularly seen in his local with a George Best T shirt on according to one of our local midnights.


The Naughtys. Stretford’s naughtiest are coming to play 22 minutes of hows-your-fatherness. They were meant to play last time but cancelled at the last minute. There were reasons. Members of the audience who were there last time, and who know them, spoke very highly of them and knew that there must have been a reason. And there was. Described by one long standing Red as the best live band in Manchester at the moment. Let’s see. They also have a wwwdotmyspacefacebookyourtubes site thing.


No Super Bok this week. There is only one distributor of the stuff in England and you lot seem to be drinking it all. However, don’t cry. Staropramen is taking its place in a Ole S, last minute way. Most of the more refined Oddies taste buds will be caressing the Marble Chocolate stout and the three, that’s three as we only had two last time, Northern soul beers from the independent Northern Brewery. Having said that after a few weeks absence, as it was still brewing until the 31st of January, we welcome back the big mamas that are the Stowford press 660ml ciders. Choice. Spoilt.


This week Carrot Corner’s vegetarian dish mantle is taken up by Mooresy. He’s doing a veggie chilli. Can we get him to throw na sprinkle of nachos with it? Mither him and see. I’ve not spoken to the lad as we left it to Blaine to organise. He’s got some quality vegetarian feeds to follow because what’s gone before him has been smart. Thank you Mooresy. We’ll see you in there with your ladle dishing out the moo-cowless-goodness. It was going to be Sam from Miggy doing a vegetarian Miggy Moussaka but that’ll have to wait til another week as Sam has informed us that his white flat cap is in the wash and he can’t cook without it.


Talkative Chris’s bespoke brewing station is knocking out its own flyers for the tables. The bloke is two-sugars-stirringly beverage bonkers. Don’t worry if the FC United of Manchester mugs he serves your beverage in has got wonky writing on it. We got some raggy-doll-raggy-doll-dolls-like-you-and-me seconds that were about to be binned. Aww, we saved them. Obviously if you do want a new, pristine, no-seconds cup to take home then Talkative has them available to sell for the club. That’s if he’ll sell them you. We’re sure he’s got names for them all.


That’s right. We’re open at TWELVE this week again. We thought last time that when we opened at twelve it’d be quiet. They were queuing outside at half eleven. Ratchpots. They were sorry, we had them lugging things up the stairs with us. Do you know, we believe the beer tasted better for them because they had worked for it.

And that’s about it. Usual rules and conditions apply. Members only with members able to sign one guest in. Doors open 12pm. THAT’S 12PM. Get there very early as the usual lock-out is turning out to be, erm, a lock-out. As a special treat this week we have managed to get Bury to find the keys to open the two windows, so we’re going to let some fresh air in. Not too much like.

Anyway - Drink shensibly, eat shenshibly, act shenshibly and shupport the Redsh unshenshibly when you get out there as always. It opens at 12pm by the way.
Top of the table clashes are smart.

Fraternally yours,

The CYCM odd-carriersh.


The price of nothing and the value of everything...

All profits are ploughed 100% into paying our matchday expenses to our landlord unless they have a ’DF’ sign at the side of them. Everyone works freemans for the love of this football club of ours.

NEW*** Staropramen Czech lager. £2 a 330ml bottle. Two for a fiver.

NEWISH ***Northern Soul Brewery - ’Heart of soul’ and ’I’m on my way’ and another one that we’ve forgot the name of bitter. £2 a 500ml bottle.

Marble Brewery - Organic Chocolate Marble stout - £3 a 500ml bottle. Two for £5.

Stowford Brewery - Stowford Press - £3 a 660ml bottle. Two for £5.

Tater hash and pie crust - £2 a bowl.

Cheese and onion pies - £1

Whimberry Charlotte mmmm cakes - £1.

Veggie meal of the day. - £2 donation to the club.

Tea Earn - Coffee and tea £1.

Colas, fair trade juices and apple juices - £1

The 1878 tater-hash-tenner - DF -

Thank you for supporting this club of ours.

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