Urmston MeadowsideFC United   

Match Report

OppositionUrmston Meadowside
VenueDavyhulme Road, Manchester, M41 7BR, Lees Field
1 (0)-4 (0)
Match Report
The final score was 4-1 to FC United, all the available squad were given time on the pitch and there were even cameo appearances from Scott Cheetham and the biggest kid of all, Darren Lyons.

All of that is barely relevant when the reason for the game is taken into the account. The warmth of the welcome from the "Med’s" and the Abbott family were truly humbling. The Guide Dogs for the Blind representative announced that they had already raised over £9,000 in "Abbo’s" memory and that had enabled them to fund two dogs through training. Whilst the evenings donations had yet to be counted, she was delighted with the response. It is nights like this that should make us stop and remember what we have should we ever be tempted to take it for granted.