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Friday 23rd April 2010


Fans’ Passion Needed

FC United take on Matlock Town this Saturday at Gigg Lane in the last match of what has been an up and down season. With a large crowd and carnival atmosphere expected for Youth United Day Margy is looking to end the season with a performance the fans deserve.

"Saturday is a big occasion for FC United, when we welcome schools, community groups and other organisations to share our match day experience. It’s proof that football is not all about what happens on the pitch, but it has much further reaching purposes. As someone who has done a lot of coaching in the community since FC United was formed, I have seen how football can play a positive part in people’s lives. Our club is all about that and I think it’s fantastic that kids will once again be getting in to today’s game for free. I hope they enjoy it."

"Live football is unattainable and unaffordable for many of the young people I’ve dealt with across Manchester and further a field, so to be able to do our bit to address that is something we should be proud of and it puts a bit of perspective on things – particularly when we’re sulking about results."

"Wednesday’s 3-2 defeat to Ashton United was another disappointing performance in a disappointing season. I was not impressed with the players, especially as now is the time they should be trying to convince us that they should be given a chance to stay at the club for next season. Saturday is the last chance for many of them to assert themselves and stake a claim. With all that’s going on off the pitch today, I will be expecting the players to put on a show for the crowd."

"The fans at this club show week in, week out that they have the fight, drive and ambition to take FC United forward. We need players to show the same level of commitment and that is one of the factors that will decide who is here next season and who isn’t. If we had a team with the passion of our fans then we would be winning the league no problem. It’s my aim to get that kind of mentality instilled in this club and we will be rebuilding immediately for next season with that in mind."

"We also look to the future, because plans for our own home are finally starting to gather some momentum. Getting a ground and facilities of our own will make a huge difference to the club. From the playing side of things, it will give us our own training facilities and a base. That will foster team spirit and the players will have somewhere that is a definite ‘home’ ground. It will have a really positive impact."

"It will also boost our community coaching, as we won’t have to hire other people’s facilities and we can make the ground a place for people to come and feel a part of. The management staff, including myself, are very excited about it. It’s up to us all to make it a possibility by raising the funds and attending and voting at the general meeting on Sunday, when I hope to see many of you. "

"So let’s look to the future and stay positive. Results may not have been great this season, but FC United is still making progress and I promise you that we will try to replicate that off the field success with some better performances on it."

FC United V Matlock Town, Saturday 24th April, kick off 3.00 pm.

• Margy: team needs fans passion


FC’s General Meeting takes place this Sunday at the Mancat Campus and for those members who are unable to attend you still have chance to take part in one of the most important votes in our short history. It relates to the building of our ground and the “asset lock” rule. For full details please log in to the members area at http://fc-utd.co.uk/login.php.

At Saturday’s game you can vote at the membership stall on production of your membership card or suitable ID. The Club needs at least 50% of the members to vote so please don’t leave it to everyone else!

Youth United Day

OK so we’re not celebrating a title on Saturday, or even vying for the playoffs, but we’ve still got cause for celebration, haven’t we?

We’re one step closer to moving home to Newton Heath, we’re receiving fine praise for the work that Margy and the community team are doing, and the incredible atmosphere at Boston on Saturday reminds us again just how great our supporters are. Oh, and we’ve built a football club that’s ours.

Youth United Day is our chance to celebrate that. Let’s show these young uns what it’s all about and give them a day out to remember. You know you’ll be bored of DIY by the second week in May anyway… BRING ON UNITED!

Reds Ready for St Pauli Celebrations

As our fifth season draws to a close, the summer is on the horizon which for many brings DIY chores, shopping trips and watching the World Cup with every armchair expert in the country loudly voicing their opinions about how England can definitely go all the way this time.

But thankfully before all that, FC United have got a trip to Hamburg to face an All-Star St Pauli XI on Saturday 15 May to mark the 100th anniversary of Germany’s most fervently anti-fascist football club.

St Pauli has followers all over the world after becoming the first club in Germany to prohibit any rightwing or nationalist demonstrations in its ground in the 1980s. Since then the club’s supporters have taken a strong standpoint against fascism, racism, sexism, and homophobia and, like FC United, St Pauli have embodied this position in their constitution.

Board member, Alison Watt was instrumental in securing the fixture with the help of Stuart Dykes, who was the FC Schalke 04 representative at our 'Beyond the Debt' rally in February. Alison said: “To be invited to celebrate such a special occasion is without doubt a great honour and achievement for our club.

"Like the vast majority of German clubs, St Pauli is member-owned, and it has been dubbed by the media as a punk club, just like FC. The club’s fans are famous for creating an incredible atmosphere so it should be some match."

If, as expected, St Pauli fans turn out in their masses for the match, the 22,600 capacity Millerntor stadium should be quite a spectacle for both sets of fans and players. Alison adds: "We hope the fixture will provide a memorable trip for our supporters who can make the journey and we know that it will be it will be a fantastic experience for our players, an opportunity that most non-league footballers will never get the chance to take part in."

FC United supporters making the trip should feel right at home in Hamburg. With insincere apologies to Birmingham, Hamburg like Manchester is its nation’s second city. It’s Germany’s sporting capital, hosting more international events than anywhere else in Deutschland, as well as being renowned for its industry and media with many of the nation’s leading broadcasters based in the north-west city.

If that wasn’t enough, the similarities don’t end there. Hamburg was also at the centre of musical revolution in the 1980s. Whilst Mancunians were pioneering Acid House and giving birth to the Madchester scene, the Hamburgers were getting down to their own new genre – power metal. Think David Hasselhoff meets one too many Jägermeisters.

Back to the football, and St Pauli are currently in second place in Bundesliga Division Two with three games to go, meaning promotion into the top tier of German football is well within the club’s grasp. Hopefully, all will go well and our hosts will have extra reason to celebrate when the Red army arrives next month.

So, with pocket translation book in hand, all there is left to say is - Gehen Sie zu jenem Fußballboden.

Summer Holidays

We're all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a week or two, fun and laughter on our summer holiday, for me and you-oooh-oooh. For a week or two-ooh-ohh. So sang Cliff Richard in 1963 as him and his mates set off for Marseille away. Here too with the sun already peeking through the clouds and burning the fair ones amongst us at Boston, The Pink has been doing a bit of investigative journalism to find out what some of the players and staff are up to over the coming holiday season.

Tired of jibes about his diminutive height, feet-like-lightening forward Carlos Roca has enrolled in a circus workshop so he can turn up in the new season with 3ft stilts on.

"He'll still only be 5 ' 11 but it'll stop Rob falling over him" a close personal friend disclosed. Meanwhile Chaddy is reportedly making waves on the big screen and is rumoured to be about to start filming a high profile sequel in Hollywood. After being watched by a director during a typically spirited performance the no-nonsense centre half lines up in the summer blockbuster Alien and Predator vs David Chadwick. No prizes for guessing the winner.

Sam Ashton will be staying in tip-top condition as he digs out his Lofty the Lion suit and goes round kids parties in Great Lever, Burnden and Doffcocker. "Oh yeah its great for his relfexes, he generally just waits until the kids get bored and start throwing stuff at him. Its then his instincts kick in and he starts diving about all over the place catching bowls of jelly and Wham bars" Sam Allardyce said yesterday. Meanwhile Jake Cotteril and Nick Swirad will be spending their seven weeks summer holidays "hanging round the streets on our BMX's", the youngest members of the first team are also said to be extremely excited about a party they are attending in Breightmet where Uncle Sammy is going to be dressed as a "Raaahhh".

Karl Marginson is set to be the new face of beetroot.

Prolific suspendee Ben Deegan is hoping his new tatoo will impess the faithful this summer, currently Deegan only has 14 square inches of skin that is uncovered and rumour is rife he is to have a portrait of a naked Ludovic Quistin tatood on his forehead. When quizzed about his new tatoo he responded "derrrrrrrrrrr" before charging into a crowded bus stop.

The Pink's investigative journalist team are only reporting things they have overheard on buses, in boozers and stuff they made up whilst canoeing down Icelandic lava flows. TD