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Working with Older Adults

Sporting Memories Network

The Sporting Memories Network is a charity that we have partnered with to run weekly sessions for older people living in North Manchester who may have dementia, depression or be socially isolated and aims to engage them in social activities that help them to recall memories of watching or playing sport.

By sharing memories of sporting moments and tapping into a passion for sport, the sessions help people to connect with others and with their past, reawakening positive thoughts and feelings that may otherwise remain hidden away.

The sessions take place each Friday afternoon from 1.30pm to 3pm at Broadhurst Park and are free to attend. The sessions are led by four FC United volunteers and have proved popular with us now looking to develop the group further.

FC Oldskool

With funding received from the Postcode Community Trust, we are pleased to announce that we will shortly be running a weekly activity group for over 60s at Broadhurst Park. We will be working with Everyday People, a group that works with elderly people across Greater Manchester to increase their wellbeing through participation in various creative activities. Following funding received from Forever Manchester the group have been working with elderly people in Moston since 2014.

We hope to begin running these sessions, in partnership with Everyday People, at Broadhurst Park from February 2017 so please check here for more information. The sessions will focus on reminiscence, local history and light exercise.

Digital inclusion classes

As part of Places for People’s ongoing commitment to our community work we will be running inter-generational digital inclusion classes in the classroom at Broadhurst Park in 2017. This is born of a recognition that digital technology has huge potential to improve the quality of later life by building social networks to overcome social isolation and loneliness or by transforming services to enable people to live independently at home for longer. The classes will aim to ensure that older people from the local area are able to realise the benefits of the digital age that we live in. The classes will run for one month.

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