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United We Stand : RIP Ray Fullen

United We Stand : RIP Ray FullenIt is with sadness that the club learnt of the recent passing of supporter Ray Fullen on 2nd April; on behalf of everyone at FC United, sincere condolences to Rob, Karen, Enid, Victoria and the rest of the family.

FC’s match day board room host and women’s team secretary Rob wrote this lovely tribute to his dad.

Raymond Arthur Fullen 12/12/1940 – 02/04/2020

Sadly, on 2nd April, Ray passed away unexpectedly and suddenly following a heart attack. In these difficult and testing times for everyone it is particularly tough as we cannot come together in shared grief and comfort as family and friends.

However, the support we have received through messages and best wishes has been overwhelming, remains much appreciated and speaks volumes for the man.

Mum and Dad were busy and not into football, so mine and Mandy’s early influences came via our Grandparents on both sides; Dad’s side was Blue and Mum’s Red. Ultimately, when we became old enough to make our own determinations, the red side won, but it was only when FC United came along that Dad began to take a more active interest in the game. Not for himself, but to support the passions of his match going family, Dad decided to come along to support us and what the club was all about, as opposed to the football - initially. A turning point came in 2010 and the Brighton away trip which he still talked about regularly and fondly.

Thanks to Margy, Daz and the players of those times, he loved his football from that era onwards. We went home and away together for many seasons, quite often on Tom’s coach for the aways, and it was only in the last two to three seasons where we focussed more on the home games. Again, more to support the efforts of myself, Karen and Enid, he started attending some of the women’s games on Sundays (when in the ground) but also enjoyed their football and was surprised and impressed with the way they played and ‘got stuck in’.

Away from match day he actively supported the Newton Heath Branch and attended many a meeting at the Railway where we enjoyed a beer or several and platter of sandwiches as we held Q&As with Walshy, Margy, Lee Sutton, board members and a whole host of players from both or senior teams as the ground began taking shape just down the road. Of this season, his last game being the home 4-4 with Warrington on 29th Feb, he was so impressed that we had got back to playing football the United way, and from my perspective I am delighted that he enjoyed the football so much again.

Thanks Reno and the lads.

Member, season ticket and community share holder, half time draw supporter and purveyor of match-day pies, he was pleased that the club was looking to be on a more sound financial footing (notwithstanding the current pressures of course). Like many football fans he certainly had his opinions but overwhelmingly really enjoyed the match day experience, chatting with many pre-match whilst myself, Karen, Victoria and Enid supported the match day dining operation. We sat together as a family for the 90 minutes and feel privileged to have shared so many match days with him and our wider match going family.

On so many fronts it’s going to be strange when we finally get back to those match-days again, (and be assured we will), not sharing the afternoon with him, but I know he’ll always be there in spirit and in our hearts.

Thanks for everything Dad; it’s been an honour, privilege and great journey. Love always from all your family and many friends.

United we stand.

First Posted ~ 08:43 Sun 12 Apr 2020
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