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The Red Thread book launch – Thursday 30th July at 7pm

The Red Thread book launch – Thursday 30th July at 7pm‘The Red Thread – Collected writings roughly relating to FC United of Manchester’ was published earlier this month and the initial print run of 450 copies has already sold out and in the process generated more than £6,000 for the club.

It’s a book that was never really meant to be a book – a collection of blog-posts from the last seven years loosely connected to FC United, Manchester United and the game of association football scribbled by volunteer feature writer, board reporter and occasional blogger Jonathan Allsopp hastily assembled to raise funds for the club during these football-less times.

And on this coming Thursday 30th July at 7pm Jonathan will be taking to the Zoom airwaves to talk to FCUM Radio’s Scott Taylor about the book. It clashes with Celebrity Masterchef and you’ve probably got hair to wash or the cat’s litter tray to clean out but, if not, and you fancy hearing a bit more about The Red Thread and maybe asking a question or two, then please tune in. If you’re wondering why the author insists on spelling his name with two p’s when everyone else spells it with one or why there’s someone playing a harp on the cover of a book about football or, indeed, why in a 234 page book about football there are less than two paragraphs about football then this is your chance.

Time: Jul 30, 2020 07:00 PM Manchester

Join Zoom Meeting (you don’t need a Zoom account, just click here just before 7 on Thursday)

OR just search for the Zoom Web site and put in the following details when prompted:
Meeting ID: 817 8330 3866
Passcode: 839433

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