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The Dog, the Bad and the Ugly

Who said that winning ugly is out of fashion? Just take a look at these pictures of the Minithon here

Our supporters’ fantastic efforts have raised almost £12,000 for the club and Medequip4kids but whilst £9,100 has been sent in on-line, a further £3,000 awaits collection. And if we don’t want a damp squib then we need it in before Bonfire Night!! So please get chasing those promises on your sponsor forms.

All outstanding off-line pledges need a nudge. If the money is paid direct to you simply pay the funds into your own bank account and then go to your own justgiving page and pay it with www.justgiving.com readjusting your off-line total downwards as the money is paid in - or even upwards if you have more pledges.

Every little effort you make will show our players that it was worthwhile dragging themselves out of their pits on a Sunday morning to chase Simon Garner along the banks of the Mersey.

Please help all those 45 entrants not on justgiving to get their cheques to Medequip as soon as possible, so we can once more demonstrate our supporters’ commitment to its club and to the community at large.

Meanwhile we prepare for next year and the grand plan to challenge other football clubs to match FC

First Posted ~ 11:50 Mon 10 Nov 2008
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Last Updated ~ 17:28 Fri 19 Feb 2021