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Streaming link for Warrington 3rd November

Streaming link for Warrington 3rd NovemberWe are broadcasting the game against Warrington Town on Tuesday for the very reasonable cost of £5.

We would also really appreciate any donation you can make to help us through this period of uncertainty, by clicking on the link below, and chip in the cost of admission and maybe a pie and a pint, whatever you give is appreciated, and will help to make up for the loss of revenue, 100% of any donations you make, separate to the streaming fee, will go to FC as we try battle through the loss of matchday spend.

Click here to donate your matchday spend

The link below is for the stream - the broadcast comes courtesy of the wisdom and wit of FCUM TV and FCUM Radio (in no particular order) :

Please click the link below to access the stream for the game - you can pay in advance and it will go live around 15 mins before the kick off.

Frequently asked questions

Where is my code? Once you’ve paid you will be emailed a password and you should check junk/spam folder as it can end up there

I’ve checked my junk folder, still no code If you paid by PayPal, the code will go to the email address that you registered with PayPal.

I’ve still not got a code? The mail server isnt liked by many corporate email gateways, so if you’ve registered a work email address it might never show up, if this is the case please DM us on Twitter @fcunitedmcr

Why can’t I watch an FA Cup/Trophy game outside the UK? The English Football Association has made agreements with broadcasting companies around the world, and many of these own the exclusive rights for their countries, therefore we have to agree to only show FA Cup games in the UK, by geo-blocking to allow only UK IP addresses.

Hmmm, the picture quality isn’t amazing The stream is broadcast in three different levels of definition, try one of the others to make sure you’re getting the best picture possible.

Also ensure that you’re best placed to get the strongest internet connection possible, streaming requires a good signal.

When can I start watching the stream? The stream goes live typically between 15-20 mins before kick off

Can I donate my matchday spend anywhere? Click here to donate your matchday spend, thank you

I thought you guys hated football on TV? FC United is not opposed to live football being shown on television.

TV exposure and the revenue it generates are important to football. However, we believe that the balance has swung way too far in the TV companies’ favour - and too far away from the match-going, admission paying, regularly attending football supporter.

FC United seeks to change the way that football is owned and run, putting supporters at the heart of everything. This includes a better and more balanced relationship with TV.

First Posted ~ 15:49 Sat 3 Oct 2020
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