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Sports Development

Pan-Disability Football

This is a weekly session on Friday from 5pm to 6pm for young people aged 16 years and over. The sessions will encourage young people to take part in a fun active football session and will be overseen by our qualified coaches but will be informal and will give young people the opportunity to use the session however they feel comfortable. Whether that be an introduction to the game, to gain confidence socially or to improve their ability the session will cover all of these aspects. We will provide the facility and equipment for the players to create their own games to work on a ball individually. However, for the players that feel a little more confident and want to play more competitive we also have FC United disability team that play fixtures in the Greater Manchester Ability Counts League once a month. The first session for players is free of charge and then £2 each session.

FC United Free Community Sessions

This session for young people from 14 to 21 years of age takes place every Tuesday at Broadhurst Park from 5pm to 6pm and is free of charge.

Each session the participants will be on the 3G pitch at Broadhurst Park taking part in fun based football sessions. During these sessions they will learn new tricks, skills and take part in small sided games. Participants will also be encouraged to come up with their own games and take ownership of the sessions whilst being overseen by our coaches.

AJ’s Academy

We run a specialist disability session (“Sports with FC United???) at AJ’s Academy in Moston each Wednesday for children aged 5 to 12 years. The session is a multi-sports session for young people with disabilities. We will shortly commence providing an additional session at AJ’s Academy on Fridays.

Girls/Women’s Wildcats Project

In May 2018 we was awarded with FA Wildcats status. This provided funding for us to start up a girls football session for ages 5 – 12 years. This session takes place on the 3G pitch at Broadhurst Park every Wednesday from 5pm – 6pm and is £2 per session. These sessions are really flexible and the main aim is to introduce the game to Girls and help build their confidence whilst taking part in fun active games. The long term objective of the session is to create a Girls team under the Moston Juniors banner.

Wellbeing Centre, Mental Health Football

Every Tuesday from 4pm – 5pm we support this Football session which has grown in numbers over the last 2 months. The session has been consistent in good attendance which has encouraged us to start conversations with Manchester FA about creating a team out of the session and completing affiliation under the FC United banner. This team will then be entitled to funding which will help sustain the session and they will also be able to play in a competitive league.

FC United Walking Football

We run 2 walking football sessions both are 7-8pm on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Mondays is well attended and mainly covers 40’s to 70 age group. It is always a game usually 7,8 or 9 a side depending how many turn up. It’s currently £3/ session paid on the night. This group feeds into playing friendly matches but that’s purely voluntary. Anyone can play if they want to.

Wednesdays is less competitive and aimed more at general fitness and social interaction.

Both sessions are fun, very inclusive!

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