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New Website Account Access

Following feedback from members about accessing their membership numbers and updating personal details we have created a new level of access to the FCUM website; members were sent an email over the weekend with your personal log in details. This new access will enable you to view your membership status, update personal details and canvas your opinion on various club matters amongst other things.

At the 2021 AGM held in December, members voted to replace the blue kit in time for the start of the 2022/23 season and voted on the new shirt design. Unfortunately, since the AGM, we have been informed by the FA that the winning design is not permitted. The board have therefore decided to re-run the process and members will have the opportunity to vote from a new shortlist of 4 designs online, again using an alternative voting system.

Members can rank the designs in order of preference via the aforementioned new web access. After marking your first preference (1) you may then choose to express further preferences for as many, or as few designs as you wish (2,3,4). The count will allocate votes in line with first preferences. If one design has an absolute majority – more than 50% – of the votes it will be elected. If no design has an absolute majority, then the design in last place is eliminated and the votes are reallocated according to the next highest preference expressed on each ballot paper. This process continues until a design has an absolute majority of the votes left in the count, and is elected.

The vote is open immediately and closes at midnight on Thursday 20th January 2022 and is open to current members only via their personal account.

The board would like to apologise to members, in particular those who raised concerns before the AGM, for the original error and any disappointment that may cause. In future, the kit design process will be coordinated through the Commercial Committee who will ensure all kit options are eligible within FA rules.

All emails were sent over the weekend. We know around 20% ended up in spam folders so check your spam/junk folder if you didn't get one. If it's not in your junk folder:

If you have not received an email inviting you to log in and vote on the new shirt design, please use the below link,


Under the main log in you will see the following link;

"Click here to register a new account or if you have forgotten your existing username / password" and follow the instructions.

Please select and follow the on screen instructions.

First Posted ~ 13:03 Mon 17 Jan 2022
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Last Updated ~ 14:05 Mon 17 Jan 2022