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Holiday Draw - Calling all Participants

Holiday Draw - Calling all ParticipantsDue to some difficulties with contact previous winners of our Holiday Draw we are looking to update both the information we have on file for each individual and also the procedures for contacting winners and announcing the results.

Therefore, if you’re a member of the Holiday Draw scheme, we’d ask you to please do the following:
  1. If you wish to remain anonymous if you do win, please email holiday@fc-utd.co.uk by January 16th
  2. Shortly after January 16th, all entrants will receive an email containing the draw numbers
  3. Upon receipt of that, please confirm by reply email that you’ve received it with a current contact phone number (and if you wish to change your contact email)
  4. Entrants who have not received an email by January 20th are asked to email holiday@fc-utd.co.uk with current contact details to obtain their draw number. It may be necessary to verify the bank details used to transfer entry money but, if needed, the office will contact you about this. If any entrant doesn’t have an email address, they’re asked to phone or call into the office.
  5. For anyone for whom we get a bounce back, or we have no other way to contact, we will appeal for people to contact the office

First Posted ~ 16:53 Wed 28 Dec 2016
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Last Updated ~ 17:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021