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Foreign currency campaign update - May 2018

Foreign currency campaign update - May 2018The foreign currency dropped into the barrels over the last two seasons has resulted in a superb total of £1417 added to the Development Fund.

Packets of coins and notes worth over £300 were collected after the last game of the season (North Ferriby match) and taken to the brokers in London who change the currency on our behalf. Many thanks to the London supporters who do this task regularly for FC through the year.

Thanks of course also goes to all of you who contributed throughout these past two seasons. At the North Ferriby match we received banknotes and coins from about 20 different countries! These included: Sweden, Hong Kong and the Philippines, along with the usual offerings of Euros, US dollars and even obselete coins from pre-Euro and UK pre-decimalisation added to the mix meaning everything really does make a difference!

All of this will be processed in the next few weeks and converted to £-sterling for the DF.

Aged over 55 and old enough to remember shillings and sixpences?

Even British coins from pre-1971 decimalisation can have some value- look for those old shillings, sixpences, florins and half-crowns and we can exchange these too. Also the large 50p, 10p and 5p pieces withdrawn from circulation more than 20 years ago can be cashed in and of course the recent old round £1 coins.

So remember, no matter where in the world your holiday/work destination takes you the currency in your pocket no matter how small can help your club. So let’s all make a big effort to find our hoard of unused and lonely coins/notes and turn them into useful cash for the club’s Development Fund.

You can drop them off at the Clubs office during the week or save them up to drop off in the barrels on match days.

Thanks, Merci, Gracias


First Posted ~ 10:38 Thu 3 May 2018
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Last Updated ~ 17:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021