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FCUth Competition Time

Since we are not allowed social gatherings and our Uth have missed out on a couple of parties, the club have decided to do something about it.

All of the following events are open to FCUth members only:

This is for Uth members of any age. The challenge has been on social media already, but this one is just for our Uth members. I want to see videos of you doing keep uppy’s with a toilet roll. Please be honest. No stitched or clipped videos. You can send as many in as you like. So if you send a good one in and then you do even better in a few days/weeks, you can also send that one in.

This one is for FCUth members aged 6 and under please. As the picnic was postponed we didn’t get to judge the best dressed bear. No matter! Now we are on social distancing and all supposed to stay home, perhaps the little ones will have time to design a costume for their bear.

This had to be cancelled obviously, but there is now time for all FCUth members, both boys and girls, of any age to design an Easter Bonnet. As little parental help as possible please. This will be a real challenge because lots of shops are closed so it may be a case of using materials you have at home. It doesn’t have to be a ready made hat. You can make your own.

All entrants MUST be a current member of FCUth. Entries to all 3 competitions must be accompanied by the name, age and membership number of the entrants.
The Easter Bonnet and toilet roll challenge will be divided into age groups.
Age groups are; 4 years and under; 5-7; 8-10; 11 and over;
All 3 competitions will close on July 11th with prizes for the winner of each category.
The toilet roll challenge will obviously be won by the person that does the most keep uppys.
I will shortlist the teddy bears and Easter Hats and send the shortlist to Reno for the final decision.

If your parents allow you to post your entries online, or indeed if they post them online themselves, then please make sure you tag me. This is obviously so I can see the entry in order to judge the winners.
On Facebook;.Chris Boulderstone Chris B
On Twitter; @chrisb_fcum
On Whatsapp; 07813913357
On Instagran; chrisbould1

If your parents don’t want you to post your entries on social media that’s fine; you can email videos/photographs to me chrisb_fcum@yahoo.com

First Posted ~ 16:08 Thu 26 Mar 2020
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Last Updated ~ 23:45 Thu 4 Feb 2021