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FC United face FA probe for recent supporter behaviour

FC United face FA probe for recent supporter behaviourIt is with regret that we must inform supporters that the FA have written to us for a club response for the 4th time this season following the recent pitch invasion at Gainsborough by a small minority of supporters. This follows other pitch invasions at Broadhurst Park and other inappropriate supporter behaviour. This has now become a significant issue for the club and behaviour needs to improve or the club could face sanctions.

So where do we go from here? We have appealed earlier this season to those smuggling alcohol into the ground. There has been a positive response to this and we would like to thank supporters who have engaged with us over this and the situation has improved. We are now extending that appeal to others who are engaging in any behaviour which jeopardises the wellbeing of the club and its supporters. We have made it clear that united we can achieve so much and we ask every supporter think hard about what this football club means to them and to act accordingly. We also ask that you read and understand our ground regulations which can be found in full here:

The club board have instructed our CEO and Safety Officer that in light of recent developments they must put the necessary resources into ensuring these regulations are upheld. We will also look to initiate disciplinary proceedings which may result in a ban from attending Broadhurst Park against any supporter who is identified as continuing to breach our ground regulations.

We would also like to remind supporters that as a National League North side our matches are regulated under The Football Spectators (Prescription) Order 2000. As such incidents such as entering the playing area, throwing a missile onto the playing area or into the crowd and possession of alcohol on entering the ground are offences which can lead to a criminal charge and/ or a football banning order. The club will co-operate with the relevant police force should action be taken against our supporters for offenses at our matches. You can read more about football offences here:

It is with great reluctance that the board has issued the directive that we must take greater action to uphold our ground regulations. Throughout the 11 years of our existence we have felt we were able to self-police with only minimal need for direction. Our supporters are also our owners and we hope that for the good of the club behaviour at matches will now start to improve. The next few months are crucial on and off the pitch and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

FC United Club Board

First Posted ~ 14:21 Fri 23 Dec 2016
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Last Updated ~ 17:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021