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Have you a skill that you think that other members may wish to use?

Are you looking for someone to fix that leak or mend the washing machine?

There is now a section on the Members’ Forum called FC smalls that allows you to offer those skills or to seek that help. The introduction on the Forum explains it all:

Do you have a particular skill (such as decorating) or trade (such as, er, decorating) that you wish to advertise on here? If you do then just create a thread in "I can" containing a description of what it is you do and how to get in touch with you.

Do you want a job doing and need someone in to do it for you? What if nobody has advertised that particular skill? Simple, start a thread in "I want".

Do you have something for sale (not match/concert tickets!) that you would like to offer, preferentially of course, to fellow members? Start a thread in "I have".

First Posted ~ 11:41 Wed 11 Dec 2013
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Last Updated ~ 02:52 Tue 16 Feb 2021