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CYCM #6 Play-off final vs Warrington Town. Approx starting time 1.30pm Saturday 2 May.

CYCM #6 Play-off final vs Warrington Town. Approx starting time 1.30pm Saturday 2 May.So, another play-off final and all set for an immediate bounce back into National League North, after all, who doesn’t have happy memories of those play-off finals at Colwyn Bay, Bradford and Hednesford?.

Er, well, at least we’ll always have that Colwyn Bay hill to keep us entertained. But before we play Warrington Town at 3pm there’s the small matter of the final eCYCM of the season (and hopefully the final one ever as no more need will mean we are back playing in August). We’ve got a line-up befitting an FA Cup final, never mind a Northern Premier League final. We start off at 10am with breakfast at the teams’ hotels, followed by a special Northern Premier League edition of It’s A Knockout contended between The Main Stand and the SMRE. Ha. I wish.

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Instead, we have something much better. What’s looking like 90 minutes of off-the pitch entertainment and gasp-inducing spectacle.
Musically, we have Michael Seal, who got lost on his way to the stage on Tuesday night but has since been rescued. Michael is a member of renowned Manchester-based prolific punk rock whirligigs Proto Idiot but today he’s revealing his poppy, sensitive side with a set of songs from his other band, The Be Positives.

Expect pop. More pop from the excellent Crying Beauty Queens, who graced the stage at Broadhurst Park earlier this season. Influenced by Ian Mackaye and Dolores O’Riordan, this Manchester three-piece are well-worth keeping an eye on. We want more, you insist. Well, OK, how about Manchester’s (there’s a theme here) Jess Kemp, a seasoned singer/songwriter and a Manchester Music circuit stalwart. She’ll be doing us a short set live from her place.

But what about the poetry, what about Rik, the People’s poet, what about the street theatre, we hear you cry. Well, we don’t have Rik. He died before he could perform for us. As did Elvis, Bowie and Coldplay. (Working on it). But we do have our very own James ‘The Acceptable Face of FCUM Radio’ Quinn performing an updated version of his version of Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Version).

Mike Duff’s powerful and personal look back at the 2008 Champions League Final, ‘And John Terry Cried’ performed in St Ann’s Square in town. You also get a tantalising glimpse of lots of people in a public space.

And our third poet is Oliver Lomax, giving us an exclusive reading of his poem ‘Peterloo’. Oliver has performed for us before, as part of a special presentation by long-time Course You Can Malcolm besties, M.A.D. Theatre Co. They’re also on as well. That Rob Lees is a big, intimidating fella. We couldn’t say no. They’re presenting a special ‘chunk’ (yes, that is the correct theatrical term) from their production ’Bunny Lamarr’ that will be introduced by Rob.

One of the most popular elements of these cobbled together buffets of fun has been the vintage footage we’ve managed to assemble from across the globe. Today is no difference. From Gigg Lane we have one of our favourite early-years performances as The Naughtys rock out on the locked fire escape stage in Starkey’s Bar, Bury. From Broadhurst Park there’s a section from the performance by Ritual Maya from earlier this season. You had to be there is the fallback position of irritating know-it-alls BUT this time you really did. Huw’s video will bring you as close to the action as it is possible to get but you may need to get out your conch shell and honk along for the full effect.

Finally, from the municipal parks of Winterthur we have a song from FC face about town, city and football ground, Mickey ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ O’Farrell.

If you’re reading this far, thanks. This preview has gone into the extra time inevitable in Saturday’s match in order to tell you that we have a special team talk from FC Manager Neil ‘Reno’ Reynolds to get us all gee’d up for the match at three. Yes, of course, there’s a match at three. In conjunction with FCUM TV there will be a special reshowing of what ended up as FC’s final home game of the season. Coincidentally, against today’s opponents Warrington Town. Who knew?? This will follow straight on from the end of CYCM. We’ll be too busy taking down flags and tidying up to see the first fifteen minutes, so could you ask that they don’t score any early goals?

Thanks. See you out there.

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