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Crowdfunder rewards - name on the website

Crowdfunder rewards - name on the websiteThe following list acknowledges those who bought the ‘name on the website’ as their reward during our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you very much for helping us to Kit it Out.

Aaron Clarke
Adrian Roebuck
Adam Tinsley
Alan Shepherd
Alexandra H.H. Green
Andy Gibbon
Andy Smith (Smith+Bell Design)
Angela El Kholy
Anna Myat
Anthony McMahon
Anton Hunter
Antony Devaney
Barrie Eckford
Ben Chudleigh
Ben Lupton
Bernard Rogers
Brian Accott
Carl Lowson
Carole Gausden
Catherine McGeady
Charles Keirl
Chris Procter
Chuks Akuneto
Ciaron Melia
Connor McMahon
Craig Knowles
Dave Bonner Wilson
Dave Johnson
David Owens
David Quinn
David Smith
David Turley
Dean Atkinson
Derek Jones
Elliot Kierl
Eric Smith
Esko Pedersen
FCUM Trafford Branch
FCUM London Branch
G MacDonald
Gary Rochford
Geraldine Moore
Giles Heathcote
Giles Hewitt
Gordon Hards
Guy Osborn
Harry Irwin
Ian Thompson
Ian Tomalin
In memory of Ant Kelly and Moz Fletcher
Jamie White
Jane Mork
Jeremy Southgate
Jessica and Patrick Connolly
Jodie Robinson
John Berry
John Magrath
John Martin
Jonny Carr
Josh Guelmino
Keith Roache
Kieran Moore
Laura Crossley
Lawrence Sudlow
Lewis Wyatt
Liam Moore
London and Southern Supporters Branch
Luke Blackburn
Lynette Cawthra
Malcolm Philip
Mark Kreissl
Mark Purver
Marlene Taylor
Martin Mulligan
Michael Carden
Michael Hamblett
Nathan Ellis-Scott
Nick Clay
Noel Sweeney
Norman Lawton
Paul Carey
Paul Dyson
Paul Smith
Philip Booth
Rand Sadat
Rob Atkin
Rob Southern
Robin Squelch
Rosalind Gudgeon
Scott Fletcher
Simon Cook
Simon Draper
Stee Roper
Stephen Barker
The Ellicott Family
Thomas Furch
Tim Workman
Trevor Balance
Victoria Turner
Yury Veretenko

Apologies it has taken so long to find you all (and we are still missing some names). When people back a project on Crowdfunder, it doesn’t allow for the input of the reward receiver details, therefore we only had your email address and login name you created specifically for Crowdfunder to identify/contact you. Also, some of you selected to remain anonymous.

If your name is not listed here, please email crowdfunder@fc-utd.co.uk with your name, contact details and Crowdfunder username and we’ll update the list.

First Posted ~ 16:34 Wed 5 Nov 2014
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Last Updated ~ 17:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021