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Collection for refugees - Saturday 16th October, Broadhurst Park

Continuing the FCUM tradition of the annual People’s United Day, we are organising a collection for Refugees on 16th October, together with the charity Care4Calais. Amongst other things, we will be collecting clothes for the winter, as well as smartphones so that those arriving can keep informed, stay in touch with relatives, learn the language and become part of the city they have arrived in – new Mancunians

Can you still remember the moment the Glazers bought Manchester United? That feeling of loss and injustice that left a hole in your stomach for weeks on end. Then that soothing hope as FC United started to take shape. What about when we got our own ground? How Moston welcomed us in, despite the threat of change to the place that we would inevitably cause. Moston gave us a future and I like to think, and on a Saturday morning from the 3G pitches to the terrace I see it, that we have made Moston just that little bit livelier.

Now imagine all of those feelings but related to life and not just the luxury of being able to care about football. Your community destroyed, friends and family separated, left behind or worse. A dangerous journey to England in search of safety, beset by shady tricksters and unscrupulous private security firms controlling borders. You arrive alone, with only what you can carry, your life reset to zero despite what you may previously worked for in your old life back home. And what happens next? Are you allowed to work? Have you any opportunity to interact with the community you have arrived in? Is this now home or do you want to return when it is safe to do so? If you do your utmost to live your life here, is it worth it when you could be deported at the drop of a hat? The personal risk may have reduced but the incredible uncertainty in a life “on hold” remains. Just as Moston welcomed us in, we want to make life ever so slightly more bearable for the refugees fleeing to the UK.

Please bring

  • Clean clothing - winter clothing especially
  • Underwear (new only)
  • Footwear
  • Nappeis and other Baby Equipment (no car seats thank you)
  • Smartphones

to the collection points which will be clearly signposted, from, 12pm to 3pm on the 16th October, the date of the Grantham game.

For more information please email thecommittee@gmx.com



First Posted ~ 18:04 Thu 7 Oct 2021
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