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Christmas Day at Broadhurst Park

Christmas Day at Broadhurst ParkChristmas Comforts is FC’s way of ensuring that local families are able to enjoy Christmas when their circumstances might not ordinarily allow. Lisa and Lexie,, Myles, Jo, Stephen, Vinny and Gary have been been setting up the room over the last two days ready for the big day, and thanks to your individual generosity, and that of the organisations listed below, we are able to provide Breakfast at Broadhurst then Christmas Dinner, and supper to take home for 120 special guests.

All families will receive selection boxes and fruit to take away, toiletry packs, new pyjamas for the kids, Christmas presents and clothes

On the day there will be games, an xbox gaming area, crafts and maybe even a visit from Father Christmas!

Thanks go to the following for their support:

Sheridan’s Lifts have helped with all aspects of planning and monetary donation for our gifts and food.

Anne Morris a teacher in a local school discussed with colleagues our project and they didn’t do a secret santa but chose to donate the money and also new pajamas for the children.

MCC Homeless Unit’s Lisa Roddy publicised our campaign in emails to staff resulting in both donationed items and volunteers for the day.

HMG Paints did a collection amongst their work force to donate money to top up any treats etc missing in the build up to the day (plus will donate a very sizeable amount of industrial paint for Broadhurst Park.)

Bailey’s turkeys in Tabley who have supported our campaign for three years now, and provided fresh turkeys for the meal.

Kelloggs for providing breakfast cereal and cereal bars

Chris Noone who’s an FC fan based in Grantham who brought four turkeys with him on Saturday.

Any surplus that we have has been donated to Coffee for Craig.

Finally we’d like to thank anyone and everyone who has contributed in any way to support us make Christmas happen for our guests, including one young FC fan who is in the FC kitchen first thing Christmas morning helping to get things ready, and Organic Soul Food and the Myriad Foundation who have offered help on the day along with boundless enthusiasm to make it a great day for everyone involved.

First Posted ~ 16:29 Tue 24 Dec 2019
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