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Board Summary Report from 23rd October Board Meeting is now available to view

Board Summary Report from 23rd October Board Meeting is now available to viewThe summary report from the FC United Board Meeting held on Monday 23rd October 2017 can now be viewed in the Members Area.


The Individual Board Reports can be found in Board Meetings Section in the Members Area


If you have difficulty logging in please email office@fc-utd.uk


The report provides a summary of the following items discussed at the meeting:

- Auditors present last year’s accounts to the board to be signed off
- Actions outstanding from previous meetings
- Finance update
- Ground issues update
- Board resolutions for the Annual General Meeting
- Football

The full minutes from the 23rd October Board Meeting will be published in the Members Area at the earliest convenience.

The next board meeting will take place on Monday 27th November at Broadhurst Park at 6.30pm

Invitation for Observers for the Next Board meeting on Monday 27th November at Broadhurst Park. 6.30pm.

Members who wish to attend the next board meeting as a Board Observer should notify the Club and Company Secretary of their interest: E-mail viv.ware@fc-utd.net or telephone the office 0161 769 2005 by 12pm on Friday 24th November, stating your name and membership number.

In the event of more than three members registering their interest, a ballot will be held in the presence of at least two members of club staff and/or board members. Should those members successful in the ballot no longer be able to attend, their places should be offered to unsuccessful members on a first come, first served basis.

It is expected that some discussions taking place at the meeting will require confidentiality. In those circumstances, the same principle that applies to publication of confidential matters within minutes will apply to the attendance of member observers. Where this is the case, observers will be asked to leave the meeting.

Observers will be able to write notes during the meeting which can be submitted to the Board Convener on the evening. These will be uploaded to the club website to share observations with fellow members. Observers will also have the opportunity to feedback separately to the board. It is of vital importance that observers do not disclose matters discussed in meetings until the publication of relevant minutes.

The member observers present at meetings shall be recorded as attendees within minutes. In keeping with the resolution, they are not permitted to vote at meetings or speak, unless invited to do so by the Board convenor on a point of clarification.

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