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Averill Street End of Holiday Competition Day

Averill Street End of Holiday Competition Day

FC United held an End of Easter Holiday competition day on Friday the 9th of April at Averill Street Youth Club in Newton Heath. FC United manager Karl Marginson and first team goalkeeper Sam Ashton, along with workers from the youth club, led 20 excitable local boys and girls in a series of different football-related games throughout the day.

The day began with a warm-up game of headers and volleys and then Karl Marginson led the children in some team-work exercises. The highlight of the morning session was a game of ‘American shoot-out’ where each child was given 12 seconds in which to score past Sam Ashton in goal. Following the first round, 3 children had managed to successfully score past Sam and these 3 competed again but this time with only 10 seconds in which to score, only one remaining participant managed to slot home past Sam and so they ran out as the winner.

Heading in for a shot against Sam

After Lunch, the children organised themselves into 4 different teams and played a series of matches against each other with Sam Ashton taking on the refereeing duties (as well as goalkeeping for one team!). The Day ended with a free-kick competition, where one goal was placed 10 yards in front of another to act as a wall and each free-kick taker had to successfully clear the ‘wall’ to score in the goal behind. Overall, it had been another successful and highly enjoyable day for the FC United community team and all those taking part.

End of Day Photo

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