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Ask Me I'll tell you : Fin Sinclair-Smith

Ask Me I’ll tell you : Fin Sinclair-SmithYou’ve seen him racing up and down that wing and terrorising defences with his extreme pace and skill, but how well do you really know Fin Sinclair-Smith? Read on to find out what he’ll be doing at the FC Christmas party and why he doesn’t want to room with Charlie Ennis.

Q: How are you keeping yourself occupied during lockdown?

I’m always training and keeping fit, practicing my skills at the local playing field and trying out different things, always keen to keep improving.

Q: Favourite all-time television show :

It’s Ozark, throughout the series it’s really intense and grips you, so you find yourself watching the next one after the next, I love it. If I was going to be a character in it I’d be Marty the main character, he’s a financial advisor turned money launderer for the Navarro Drug Cartel, he’s really analytical and while he has done some very unethical things for the good of his family, he is not a cold-hearted criminal. Would recommend it to anyone.

Q: What’s the worst self inflicted injury you’ve had?

I’ve had a few but the worst was probably when I fractured my forearm when I was a kid, was playing football in school at lunchtime on the playground and got into a fight with another kid, somehow ended up doing my arm but didn’t realise till I got home and it was still hurting

Q: Best music gig you have ever seen and why?

It would have to be Creamfields in 2019, it’s a huge dance music festival across a whole weekend and I really wanted to see the Swedish House Mafia, I’d never seen them before and it was their first DJ set for a long time as they’d stopped doing them, it was boss.

Q:Guilty pleasures time:

Food - Domino’s pizza, pepperoni passion with a BBQ base
Drink - Appletize!

Q: Last film you saw?

1917, it’s the film set on the battlefield in World War 1, was actually the last time I went to the cinema. The main character had to travel through the battlefield to get to his brother but he had to fight all the way to get there, loads of action and the characters really drew you in, I won’t spoil it for anyone but would really recommend it.

Q: Biggest fashion faux pas?

Believe it or not a bright orange camouflage DSquared bubble jacket, I paid a lot of money for it too - I wore it once, my mates saw it and gave me so much grief I just couldn’t wear it again. 

Q: Dilemma time, you’re playing for Manchester United against Liverpool who you have supported since a boy, you’ve got an open goal in front of you, it’s the last minute of the game and scoring sees United win the title and relegates your Liverpool - what would you do?

Ermmm - this is really tough, I’d score as that’s what I’ve got to do but I wouldn’t celebrate, I’d just keep my hands down and hope my teammates buried me as they piled on top so no-one could see me. 

Q: What would happen afterwards, friends/family reaction etc?

I think they’d be happy for my for about 5 seconds then give me loads of stick, but I wouldn’t have to move house I hope - ha ha!

Q: Favourite FC moment so far?

It’s got to be getting my first goal against Mickleover when Doddy ran through the whole pitch and it then came across to me, I just had to put it way, I love scoring goals and it felt great.

Click here and go to 1m10s to watch Fin smash it into the bottom corner!

Q: Would you ever consider becoming a referee if you had a good chance of making a career out of it?

No, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t be bothered getting all the grief, I just couldn’t.

Q: The first half hasn’t gone well, Reno is raging with the performance, he’s booted the dressing room door off its hinges, he’s just kicked a football boot into one of the other players face - are you eyeballing him or looking at the floor hoping he doesn’t pick on you?

Looking at the floor hoping he doesn’t pick on me, obviously I can take criticism but I don’t think eye-balling him is a great idea.  

Q: Is there any FC player/staff  that you wouldn’t want to room with and why?

Charlie Ennis, his farts reek, he stinks the coach out so I’d hate to be trapped in a room with him all night.

Q: if you could play another position on the team what would you fancy?

I’d like to the the #10 behind the striker as you’ve got a free role behind the #9 where you can shoot, pass and you’d get on the ball a lot. Otherwise maybe a wing-back so I could get up and down the pitch and get those crosses in and defend alternatively.

Q: What’s your favourite part of playing football?

Putting the shirt on a matchday and playing in front of the FC fans, the atmosphere they make is something else so as a player it really gets you going knowing they’re behind you.

Q: Record for keepy-ups (kick ups etc)?

I went outside earlier knowing this question was coming up and got 145, I’ve probably done more in the past but never counted them.

Q: How many press-ups can you do before your arms start trembling like a dog doing its business?

About 35

Q: Any one handed ones?

Yeah, I tried doing some before and managed 15!

Q: Do you have any talents or abilities other than on the pitch?

I DJ in my spare time, I got into it as my brother is a professional DJ so I started practicing with his set-up in the house and he’s been teaching me a few things. I play mostly house and disco. If I keep practising I reckon I could do the FC Christmas party!

Q: What’s the worst initiation you’ve ever had to do when joining a new team?  

When I played for Blackpool I had to stand on a chair in a hotel restaurant in front of the squad and club staff, and use a dessert spoon as a microphone and sing without any backing music.Luckily I’d asked one of the other players what the best song was and he said ’Sweet Caroline’, my legs were shaking so badly as I got up to sing that I nearly fell off the chair, but luckily I did ok and after a bit the whole restaurant joined in, the other players got on their chairs so it worked out really well. 

So there you have it - if we ever need a chant getting going, or some tunes playing Fin’s your man, but if he asks you if you want to buy a jacket.......

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