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Ask Me I'll Tell You : Curtis Jones

Ask Me I’ll Tell You : Curtis JonesNamed as Reno’s player of the season, cultured centre-half Curtis scored the last goal of the season at Broadhurst Park with a sensational last-minute header, but did you know he’s hankering for Tunde’s shirt on a permanent basis, and he’s challenging all-comers on FIFA20? Read on...

Q: What’s your daytime occupation?
I work with kids who don’t do well in mainstream secondary education, it’s not for them because they struggle with big crowds, for example if you’re autistic a standard school is going to be a difficult environment just to be in, never mind trying to learn, so I work with them on a one to one basis delivering education tailored to their needs. I’ve always worked in this area and the one to one contact works so well for the kids and so it’s really fulfilling.

Q: how are occupying yourself during the lockdown?
I’m still working but with obviously some challenges with distancing added. Other than that like everyone else I’ve bought a bike and getting out on that, it’s my first time since a kid with a bike so been spending a lot of time on that as a pastime and for fitness; I’m also doing 5k-10k  runs with my partner, normally in May i’d be having a rest from running after 10 months of football.

Q: Do you watch any programmes at home that your partner watches that you secretly like but wouldn’t admit to her that you do?
I wouldn’t have watched this if she hadn’t been watching it but ’Modern Family’ is something that she had on and now I love it, there’s a lot of stuff she watches that I wouldn’t go near but that’s good, also ’Killing Eve’ she recommended which I really enjoyed, season one was great and I would watch that on my own,

Q: Favourite all-time television show (apart from the one you secretly love that your missus ’makes’ you watch):
It would be Entourage, it’s based on Mark Wahlbergs life, the story is that a guy becomes famous and as his career progresses he keeps all his mates with him and gives them all jobs like being his driver, chef, manager etc, it’s such a good watch and I’d love to be in it, as any of the characters, staying together as mates and having some great experiences together - it’d be unbelievable

Q: What’s the worst self inflicted injury you’ve had?
A few years ago I got a hernia playing football, I had a pain in my groin for a month or two following preseason and I didn’t want to say I was struggling so I tried to keep going but it got worse and worse until I got it looked at, then I was out for four months as a result and that was the worst part as I couldn’t do any training and just had to wait until it healed. If I’d called it in pre-season I would have been back much sooner so I’d say that’s the worst.

Q: Best music gig you have ever seen and why?
I went to see Drake a couple of years ago, he’s my favourite artist and I’d always wanted to watch him but the tickets were really hard to get hold of, then at the last minute we managed to get some and they were great seats too at the MEN Arena 

Q:Guilty pleasures time:
Food  - I’m hooked on the food from a Caribean place called Peppers near me so I’ve been having that quite a lot, used to go quite a lot before lockdown but now I go even more for takeaway, anything off the menu is good
Drink - Can’t go wrong with a decent lager!

Q: Last film you saw?
It was called ’The Founder’ about Ray Kroky who set up McDonalds, such a good film really enjoyed it and one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time so would really recommend it, a few twists in there too - brilliant film.

Q: Biggest fashion faux pas?
When I was much younger I spent a couple of hundred on a coat and only wore it twice, it was one of the first expensive things I had bought and then didn’t like it - can’t remember why though.Nowadays I keep it simple!

Q: You’re playing for Liverpool against United who you have supported since a boy, you’ve got an open goal in front of you, it’s the last minute of the game and scoring sees Liverpool win the title and relegates United - what would you do?
I’d always score - even though I’m playing for Liverpool against United you’ve always got to do the best for the team you’re playing for, without a shadow of a doubt I’d always score, wouldn’t even cross my mind 100% I’d score, but wouldn’t celebrate!

Q: What would happen afterwards, friends/family reaction etc?
They’d be mad for a few hours but I think then they’d be happy for me and get in the celebrations with me.

Q: Favourite FC moment so far?
Individually it’s the goal against Warrington as that was an amazing feeling and the noise from the crowd was so loud, but I’m going to say from a team perspective it’s got to be the game against Hyde away, we won 5-1 and I think it’ll be really hard to top that, the way we dominated the game, it was great to be a part of such a complete performance.

Q: Would you ever consider becoming a referee if you had a good chance of making a career out of it?
Yeah I would do, it’s a case of whether you can handle the stick you’re going to get from Managers and players but yes I I could, starting reffing sunday league would be tough but maybe starting in the NPL and going from there would be good.

Q: The first half hasn’t gone well, Reno is raging with the performance, he’s just kicked a football boot into one of the other players face - are you eyeballing him or looking at the floor hoping he doesn’t pick on you?
Probably I’d keep my head up and look at him, if I know I’ve had a bad game I know I’ve had a bad game and you just have to take the feedback, if he was digging out the person sat next to me maybe not but otherwise I’d let him know I was listening, you’ve just got to take it haven’t you?

Q: Is there any FC player/staff  that you wouldn’t want to room with and why?
I don’t think there is, I’d agree with Fin and Donners about Chaz for obvious reasons but realistically I’d be happy rooming with any of them, they’re all good lads, even the staff.

Q: if you could play another position on the team what would you fancy?
Got to be as a striker, got to be, I just think that the enjoyment of just playing and scoring goals and getting that credit would be brilliant, having scored in the Warrington game it felt amazing and I thought ’Tunde must get that every single week’ - must be great playing to score goals and getting the plaudits, must be unbelievable, as defenders you’re playing for clean sheets, unsung heroes! 

Q: What’s your favourite part of playing football?
The best days and nights are when you play on a saturday, you’ve played well and won your game, then you go out in the evening and have a beer with the team and you know you’ve all done your bit it’s brilliant, no better feeling.

Q: Record for keepy-ups (kick ups etc)?
If I did it wouldn’t be that high, maybe around 100, I’ve never really counted as it’s not something I’ve ever gone for.

Q: How many press-ups can you do before your arms start trembling like a dog doing its business?
Around 50 I reckon

Q: Any one handed ones?
None - I’ve never tried, they’re really hard and I want to see videos of the lads who say they can do them!

Q: Do you have any talents or abilities other than on the pitch?
I’ve always backed myself playing at FIFA, I find it quite hard to find people to actually compete with me like my mates so if anyone out there wants to challenge me on the XBox FIFA20 get in touch CJONES1993 - I’d be up for an FC Tournament if anyone fancies joining it.

Q: What’s the worst initiation you’ve ever had to do when joining a new team?
I’ve always tried to avoid them and just pay the fine! The worse I’ve done was the old singing one when I was 15 and there was no way to get out of it, in front of the U15, U16, U19 and the first team when I was at Celtic, there was over 60 people and it was a very long couple of minutes, it was awful and I think it scarred me, hence I will always try to pay the fine, unless I’ve had a couple of beers maybe!

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