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Ask Cam - Complete Q&A from 25th March

Ask Cam - Complete Q&A from 25th MarchFollowing on from the success of the Reno Q&A we asked you who would like to interrogate next, and FC’s #1 Cam Belford was the popular choice - see all your questions and his answers in the order they were fired at him.

You’ve been class this season, how did you feel when you went viral by conceding ‘that’ goal earlier this season. Appreciate the kind words. Obviously as a goalkeeper to concede any type of goal is a disappointment but to concede a goal in that manner was even more so. The biggest feeling is the one that youve let your team down by conceding the goal but as a goalkeeper its important to remember not to dwell on a mistake or anything negative as it can effect the next thing you do. Its in the past and you cant do anything about it so you have to move on quickly. Think we got revenge for it in the FA trophy game two weeks later that we won to be fair and as it stands we are currently above them in the table so i guess we’ve come out of it in the better position.

Who is the toughest striker you have come up against?? Very difficult one as i come up against alot of different types of strikers with different attributes. But a player that always used to score every time I played against him was Adebayo Akinfenwa now of Wycombe Wanderers. But a striker/foward player I thought was going to to kick on was Nick Powell at crewe who showed his class whem he eventually got his move to Man Utd.

Do you miss playing for the toon eg Stranraer? I certainly miss the people and the friendships I made at my time with stranraer, I always personally feel I played some of my best football while playing for the club. I have nothing but admiration for the club the staff and the fans of Stranraer. Can look back at my time there with some fond memories and a lot of friendships.

Did you want the ground to swallow up when you had that mad 40 yard dash up at Somerset (Ayr) and lost the balll? Do you still like a sweeper keeper role ? Always been a frustrated outfield player lol. But in all fairness I was caught in two minds that day whether to put my foot through it (which I should of done) or take a touch and pick a pass out but I then found myself chasing my touch and nearly ending up on the halfway line so it didn’t quite work out! Me and current Stranraer gk coach Eric Phillips have a laugh about it nowadays, whenever a clip of Rene Higuita (younger generation might have to Google) pops up we tag each other on social media with no words needed we just know what it means.

What were your favourite moments at Stranraer, on and off the pitch? On the pitch the run we went on to reach the play-off final was remarkable but to then to lose the penalty shoot out was devastating, also personally to get to play in front of a massive crowd at Ibrox and Aberdeen in the two cup games was brilliant. Off the pitch the friendships I’ve made and still have with the people I met during my time at Stranraer are moments I will be grateful for.

How did you feel being selected as a penalty taker AFTER Ben Futcher in our historic JPT 2nd round win in 2010? Surely a career low point? Ha ha. To be fair I wanted to be number 5 in the order of penalties but Alan Knill told me to behave! Worked out for the best though as I was then down for the sixth and with it going to sudden death and then saving Shrewsbury’s 6th spot kick, it was up to me to give the keeper the eyes and smash it in the bottom corner. Free shot from 12 yards out cant be missing!

What’s your favourite way of saving the ball? Preferably with my hands. But the aim of the game is to keep the ball out the net so doesnt matter what you save it with just keeping it out is key.

How did you get the nickname the flying pig? The nickname flying pig relates to the term "when pigs fly" meaning me being a bigger type of physique to others in football, I shouldnt be flying through the air making saves. Was Andy Bishop that come with it hence where I think these questions are coming from lol .

Who’s the worst Manager you’ve ever played for? Kevin Blackwell was possibly the worst out the managers. That’s down to the fact that his man management of the players at bury at the time for me personally wasnt the way to treat them. Always remember his quote to the media saying " you cant expect us to play like Barcelona with Bognor Regis players"... lost the dressing room.

Is the pizza in a Dublin still the best you’ve ever had? Hahahaha this question is for the "what happens in Dublin stays in Dublin club" and me and Bish know what it means.

How many different languages do you speak? Unfortunately only english but I’m pretty good at accents. Story behind this one because I’ve seen its off Steve Hale the GK coach at Swindon at my time there. We had a goalkeeper on trial who I thought couldnt speak english so I slowed my sentence down hoping he would understand telling him what the plan was for training only for him to respond in a string cockney accent in fluent english. Got stitched up... now I’m known as ’the translator’.

Worst kit you’ve ever worn. (Not the club - the design!) Can’t really think of a particular bad kit design I’ve worn but some of the kits a few years ago when I was at bury wernt the best made. Elbow and short pads weren’t for me. Coventry had some pretty naughty designed GK kits when I was there to be fair though.

Would you ever sign for FC? Never say never!

What advice can you give to us goalkeepers after a bad game? Don’t dwell on it, work harder in training the following week put that game behind you and learn from it because you cant change it now its in the past.

Who’s the best gk out the outfield players at FC? If I had to pick one it would have to be Doyley for his wondersave and save of the season contender at Barrow away.

Do you give out gloves if so can I have a pair? (luke aged 15) Think I’ve gave away a good 10 pairs this season but I’m sure I have a few spare lying around so no problem mate.

What is the best game you have ever played in? Would have to be for Bury v Chesterfield the day we beat them and clinched promotion from League Two. The euphoria at the final whistle was incredible.

Favourite defence you’ve played behind? The back 4 we had at Bury the year we won promotion from league two at the time was brilliant. Phil Picken right back, Tom Lees and Efe Sodje centrebacks and Joe Skarz at left back.

What is your favourite other sport and do you play any other sports? Big fan of boxing and NFL and always wanted to try both but unfortunately with my football career I was never really allowed and sadly now I might be the wrong side of side of 30 to have a crack at it.

Never fancied golf? Watching yes but not playing, golf days at previous clubs were spent driving the buggy around with beers.

Who’s beard do you love to rub the most after we win a game? I do enjoy a good rub of Pottsy when we win. Like to give him a little shoulder massage when we are lining up in the tunnel before the game as well.

On a scale of Very to Very, how intimidated were you with the abuse when you came to broadhurst with Nuneaton? Haha I’ve always enjoyed a bit of stick and banter from the stands when I’ve played and I’ve always gave abit back at the right times but I enjoyed the banter with the FC fans in particular. Great bunch.

Favourite game in a fc shirt? The game against Basford in the fa trophy I enjoyed for obvious reasons after the game two weeks previous but personally I enjoyed the 1-0 win away to nantwich, my favourite scoreline a clean sheet away from home to a team that were flying and I thought that was one of my best performances for FC in terms of my all round game.

What shampoo do you use? Alpecin caffeine shampoo.

What’s your favourite pint? Guinness.

Has your grandad gave you any tips on how to be trendy when you get older as his waist coats are the business? Ha ha buster is an aboslute legend and his waistcoats are even more legendary. Good chance he’s in his back garden right now in his waistcoat thinking its Wetherspoons.

What are you doing to keep yourself as match fit as you can be in these times? Believe it or not I’ve actually been running Monday to Friday . Hard to say when football will actually back so dont want to peak to early might have to tone it down.

How tough is it to be away from the rest of the squad? It’s tough to be fair because the lads love being around each other and look forward to seeing each other but weve still got our WhatsApp group which keeps us going on a daily basis.

How is the FC dressing room in comparison to others you’ve been in terms of togetherness? Can honestly say its one of the best dressing rooms I’ve been in, all lads are here for the right reasons and are not motivated by the wrong things. Only the dressing room at Bury the year we won promotion and the dressing room at Wrexham which was full of cannons I would say are similar. A good dressing room will win games and pick up points on their own.

Favourite memory of this season? One memory that sticks with me from this season is the fans after the game at Barrow away especially with the result. Support was incredible also our last game at South Shields singing from 30 minutes before kick off till 30 mins after non stop.

Most comically ramshackle away ground you’ve played? Sorry Mickleover but that was the worst ground I’ve been to this season.

How much grief have you had from the lads about your “medical” procedure? Lads were all over it to be fair, few in there that will be coming with me next time.

What do you think about the atmosphere FC fans make? Incredible, honestly never played for fans like it. Not heard one person boo since I’ve been here. I know the lads appreciate it and it certainly helps the boys on the pitch.

Do you think either Archie, Jacob or even Bella will get into pro/semi pro football? Jacob has a chance hes really into football at the minute, Archie just tries to attack him so might be better off getting into boxing and Bella is more interested in kicking footballs around than both so she could be the one.

Who is the best manager you’ve ever played for ? Alan Knill when at Bury and now assistant manager at Sheffield Utd. Gave my chance at bury at a young age and put his faith in me. Reno is a close second!

Who has been your toughest test (player wise) this season? John Rooney showed real quality in the game against barrow in the FA Trophy.

As a Stockport fan how do you rate Alex Curran’s performances this season? Think Alex has been on fire this season and I think his injury rocked us a little and we missed him in the team. Great lad as well and I’m adamant he will come back even better fron his injury.

What’s your favourite football moment you’ve witnessed in your lifetime? David Beckhams last minute free kick against Greece to see us qualify. Goosebumps every time I watch it.

Is it true your secret party trick is you can eat Pringles off your chest and belly with no hands? Many strings to the bow but my favourite one is to do the splits. Was used frequently on the lads Christmas do in Glasgow.

If you could score a last minute goal to win/draw a game, how would you want to score? Bullet header? 30 yard screamer? Overhead kick.

Where can you see FC in 3 years time? Like to think in a higher league then the one currently in but if the current squad can be kept together theres no reason why we can’t progress together and kick on. Things are moving in the right direction on and off pitch so it only bodes well for the future.

What’s different about FC from all the other clubs you’ve been at? At FC there’s a real feel of togetherness and a real family feel. We all win lose or draw together as a club and we all want whats best for the club.

Was it true your wig nearly blew off at barrow away? Asking for a friend? (Chris Doyle asked this one!) Hahahaha good old Amazon Prime delivery of super glue on the friday before the game sorted that problem out.

How was it on Monday morning you were bold as a baby’s behind and then by the evening you had more hair than Carlos Valderrama? (Cam’s brother Cort asked this one!) How come you used to cry as a kid when I would take your Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling toy and make him lose to the Undertaker in a cage match

How do you recover from a game? Saturday’s after games now are more than likely spent relaxing at home with my feet up but I always try to go for a jog and stretch on a sunday to help recovery. Body doesnt recover as quick now tho as im getting older.

Can this FC team stick together for next season? I think this season might be over.... Sadly I think this season might be over too but if we can keep this team together then we can compete in whatever league that may be next season.

Have you any aspirations to get into coaching when you hang the gloves up from playing and how much have you learnt from Chappie? Think I’d like to try my hand at management when I retire as my dad has done and my brother is currently doing but I’d like to still be involved in football in some capacity. Certainly learnt a lot from Chappie, a great guy with a brilliant knowledge of the game and life. Never stop learning.

Did you know much about FC before joining on loan? Knew quite a lot about FC to be fair because when I was a young pro at Bury i used to live a stone’s throw from gigg lane so when FC played midweek home games I used to walk down and watch. Remember the first FC game I watched was home to Garforth but can remember the score

What was it like to go viral? Unfortunately wasn’t the first time to go viral after an incident where I was punched on the pitch for Bury against Chesterfield so guess I’ve got used to it .

Which goalkeeper gloves are best in wet weather? Keeper ID gloves from Just Keepers. Best gloves for any condition

We’re currently lining up our next interviewee - so keep your eyes peeled for news of who and when!

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